Tokidoki can bring out the worst in people! :(

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  1. I've lurked around this forum for quite a while but I've been too shy to say anything. :shame:

    Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with Tokidoki bags today. I was wandering around a department store and I happened to find a Tokidoki bag with a semi-decent placement that had been marked down. It was probably a return and the qee was missing. I was walking around with it while trying to decide if it was worth it or not because it was marked down but on the other hand it wasn't that nice of a placement. I wasn't paying a lot of attention as I was browsing but eventually I started noticing this girl who would always appear around where I was, and at first I didn't think anything of it, but eventually it started feeling a little uncomfortable. It looked like she was talking to someone maybe but when I'd glance around there didn't seem to be anyone specific she was talking to, and I didn't hear what she was saying because I was listening to my mp3 player. Soon enough though, I heard bits and pieces of what she was mumbling to herself and realized they were obscenities and threats because she wanted the bag I was holding. I'm a very timid person and that shook me up quite a bit, I took another look at the bag and decided it wasn't worth it so I put it back and then left as quickly as I could.

    From lurking around the board I've always had the impression that Tokiholics were such nice people and this encounter shook me up a fair bit. I had no idea that people would go to such lengths for a bag! It's a little scary how crazy some people out there can be. I'm actually a bit paranoid that girl might be a reader to this board too but everyone here seems so nice :Push: times like this make me worry a bit about the youth of today. :sad:
  2. awww. i'm sorry to hear about your experience. i consider myself pretty thoughtful when it comes to other tokidoki lovers. the other day i was at a store looking @tokidoki bags and heard one girl looking for a gioco. just so happened that there was one by me and i kindly handed it to her. so i hope that goes to show that not all tokidoki lovers is like that person you encountered.
  3. Sorry you had to go through that...yeah a lot of the tokiholics can be pretty mean...also say very rude stuff as well, but your free to speak your mind, and don't worry about other people day those tokiholics will get the taste of their own don't worry...:tup:
  4. sorry to hear about it. wow. obscenities and threats? either she is really really crazy about tokidoki or she is hoping to sell it for a profit.
  5. maybe it was some kind of mental condition? and the threats weren't targeted directly at you??

    but i think i would've reacted the same way as you did. I am not one to be brave when it comes to confrontations.
  6. ack! i'm so sorry you had to deal with that situation! :sad:
  7. oh I'm so sorry! People can be crazy sometimes!!! She probably just wanted to bag to re-sell it or she thought she could freak you out by saying those awful things to you.
    Next time, try to just ignore people like that if you can or just smack em with your purse! :bagslap:
  8. wah sorry to hear that! thats kinda creepy... i mean seriously who curses at strangers... over a bag...

    you shouldnt have put it back... buy it even if you didnt want to too piss her off some more xD
  9. Isn't it also the job of store security personnel to make sure shoppers feel safe there? If you didn't feel brave enough to go directly to a security officer or customer sales associate, then I would have wandered by and idled next to someone working for the store so they would overhear the obscenities/threats and be prompted to call store security him/herself.
  10. wow, that wasn't very nice! you wouldn't think that loving a design so cute would bring out something so ugly in people. she was def. jealous that you had spotted it before she did.
  11. I bet it was a re-seller. She thought she could pressure you to drop it. I would have given her a nasty look & muttered something back, but I don't take much rudeness either though..
  12. If that ever happens again, report the incident to a store employee. I am sure they would promptly toss the offender out of the store.
  13. If I were you, I would buy that bag just to piss her off and return it another day. I mean you spotted the bag first, she should patiently wait for you to decide whether you are going to buy it instead of...pressuring and threatening...
  14. she sounds like a wack job. I hate competitive shoppers.
  15. What bag was it anyways?

    She sounded feisty! hahaha I wouldve taken the bag!