Tokidoki Campeggio in Trasporto

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have been trying to look for a Transporto Campeggio for a while now - I don't want to buy from the department stores because I had REALLY bad experiences with them. Does anyone know any online boutiques (other than eBay) or places that are willing to do phone orders that might have this bag in?

  2. try pulse- they will take pics for you, to help you decide
  3. Tried pulse already - they don't have it :sad:
  4. Why no department stores? What about department store websites? and They have the added bonus that you can return to a store.
  5. I don't know maybe you can call JapanLa and see if they got it?

    Another place to try is Bird and Bear Boutique. The information is on the Tokidoki blog. I seen a bunch of Toki bags in the pic when they got vacanze in. It looked like they had trasporto bags in the pic as well.
  6. Well I just haven't had good experiences with them - both times I ordered from them I got a used item - and it took them forever to process my return - and they thought I used it and returned it and stuff like that - I just don't want to have to go through that...
  7. Oh no! Well if you return it to a store instead of mailing it back, the return will get processed right away. At least that's the experience I've had returning .com orders back to my local Macy's and Nordstrom.
  8. Try Happy Six, their phone number is [SIZE=-1](310) 479-5363[/SIZE]
  9. If you dont mind paying hawaii prices you can try LeSportSac Ala Moana too.
  10. Thanks for the contact gingiemay! I tried them - no Campeggios in Transporto - but they do have an L'Amore CARAMELLA - which I was also looking for so I got that instead - that and a Vancaze Campeggio .....Hehehee

    So it was still good!
    Thanks so much for the recommendation - they are wonderful! Thanks so much!