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  1. Does anyone know what happened to it?

    PLEASE tell me that it's some kind of mistake.
  2. OH No! I don't know. I hope it's just a glith or something....

  3. someone mentioned this in tokidoki_it on LJ, and my initial reaction was "NOOOOOO!"

    That bag archive was so damn useful, especially with all the measurements and pictures, and recently retail prices. and the how to spot fakes entry was super handy :crybaby:

    There seems no reason as to why it was suspended.
  4. I just saw this a few minutes ago...I bet it will be back. She will just have to fix her violations.
  5. It was working last night still because I was checking out a print on a certain bag style.
  6. Did it happen this AM? I was on it last night around 1am, and it was still up and running...

    Wonder what the violation was?
  7. I haven't been there recently, but didn't it have stock photos from Could it be a photo copyright infringement?
  8. My Guess Is That It Has Something To Do With Displaying The Newer Prints, I Don't Know If She Did That Or Not, But People Could Steal The Design And Copy It.:confused1:
  9. ^ regarding the prints, she did post swatches for one of the prints too soon but the second she was notified of it she took them down. hopefully when she finds what her violation is she can sort it and they'll bring the blog back :sad:
  10. I just hope it all gets straightened out when she gets back.
  11. Well, yeah. She did post some print swatches a bit early, but she took them down as soon as she was asked to by LSS. I really, really hope that she's able to get the site back up. It was dead useful!
  12. Another Wordpress blog I frequent was suspended last week to, but I still can't figure out why.
  13. i hope not i love the tokidoki bag archive i visit that site too often, it was fine yesterday....
  14. I hope the best for her and her blog. She put a lot of work into it!
  15. you know what i bet it was?
    there was a long string of inappropriate comments on her most recent post
    but she wasn't there or anything to intervene
    i bet those comments got it taken down
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.