tokidoki blog/lambfashionista-re: tokidoki fakes guide

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  1. i think i read somewhere that she didn't mind if people selling authentic toki's linked to the guide for spotting fakes in their auctions. does anyone know for sure? i don't want to link to all her hard work without her permission!

    its hard to decide to sell one of your babies, but i see an even prettier baby that i think i need now... citta rosa campeggio with lots of AIRPLANES. gah. :push:
  2. I think I remember her saying that as well? But since she posts on this forum so I guess we'll find out when she sees this :smile:
  3. that's my hope! i know she's here and on LJ, but i don't want to make a whole LJ post just for that.

    really, you know, we should all give her some love for that fakes guide... how many of us would've gotten stuck with one of the more convincing fakes if it weren't for her hard work and attention to detail? i saw a foresta bag on eBay today and it looked good, great placement, but then as i studied the qee i had my doubts, so i passed on it because i wasn't convinced if it was authentic or not.
  4. Yeah that's true! Lambfashionista is awesome! I think I found her guide to fakes with google before I ever bought my first tokidoki bag (which ended up being an eBay purchase) And its very likely I could have gotten a fake, because I know I was totally clueless about the fakes and not fakes before I studied her guide!
  5. i was too! i already had one toki bag, but i didn't have any idea that fakes even EXSISTED. i'm so thankful i saw the guide, i could've really gotten screwed over.
  6. Aw, thanks for the kind words in this thread. :heart:

    And YES, I encourage anyone who wants to include a link to my guide to fakes in their eBay auctions - if you sell real bags it will help you, and educate others about how to avoid fakes in the process!
  7. ^-^ thank you!
  8. You're welcome! I hope that one day we can run all of the fakers off of ebay!!
  9. Thanks Lambfashionista for all your help! You rock!!!
  10. i report them all! it's like my second damn job. 0_0
  11. Angie you're welcome! :smile:
    (I just e-mailed you that I am about to go to bed - if you don't see it tonight, we'll catch up again tomorrow).

    And I try to report as many fakes as possible too - I'm not sure if it makes a difference but I hope it does.
  12. most of the ones i report i see ending for some insane price... i really wish ebay would actually DO something about it. argh.
  13. hehe I was going to post... "UH-OH if she did mind then :rolleyes:"

    All my tokidoki auctions have links to her lovely blog and I encourage others to check it out ;) it's in my "please read" section... I was going to link so you could see but lol... I remembered we weren't supposed to link to our own ebay auctions and I don't know if that applies even if they're ended but I don't wanna chance it :smile: