"Tokidoki Black" vs. "Notte"

  1. Someone just pointed out on my blog that the first season black bags were called "Tokidoki Black" and not Notte. (And I went back and checked and she is right.) The Tokidoki Black bags had green and blue hardware and the Notte bags look exactly the same except that they have silver hardware instead. I didn't keep very good track of the solid print bags because I don't collect them - so to help me update my Tokidoki Bag Archive, does anyone remember at what point Tokidoki Black went away and Notte came out instead?
  2. I don't know the answer for sure but the black bags w/the green hardware have the original print inside and the black bags w/the silver hardware have the citta print inside so I'm assuming that during the third season when black came out for the second time it was called notte.
  3. Jen, are you sure you are not confusing Notte with Fumo, which was a dark grey bag with Citta inside? Fumo came out during the third season.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure. I have a canguro here called "Notte" and it has the citta print on the inside. Plus I remember when they first introduced the gioco it came in black and it had citta on the inside.
    I'm just not sure exactly when they changed the name.
  5. Let's wait and see though...maybe someone else knows for sure. :confused1:
  6. Hmm.. were there 6 prints available for Fall 06 then? Foresta, Citta, Citta Rosa, Arancia, Fumo, and Notte?
  7. That could be...I'm not positive though because I didn't pay too much attention to the solids myself.
  8. i think the notte came out when bianco came out?? thats when i notice them in the stores...
  9. I am certain that the first season bags with the green hardware is called Tokidoki black :yes: and it has the original Tokidoki print on the inside because I still have my Stellina which I have not used with its tags still on it.

    I never saw the black bags :confused1: when the Cammo and Playground prints came out. I started seeing them again not long after the Cita prints came out and I started buying them around the same time the Inferno and the Paradiso prints :yes: came out and they all say Notte. I recently bought a black Zucca and the tag also says Notte. I am assuming this particular bag is third season because it has the Cita print inside and does not have the new Pirata or Adios Star print inside.
  10. Thanks Laria - I agree with you about the Tokidoki Black. I have a Summer 06 folding catalog that says Tokidoki Black was still available for Summer 06, so I am going to assume that is correct. I also found a Fall 06 press release and it only lists 5 prints, Notte not being one of them - so by process of elimination, I am assuming that Notte must have been available for Winter 06 with the Paradiso and Inferno bags (even though Notte has the Citta print inside). Does that sound right? Winter 06 is the only season I can't recall the solid print for anyway, so I'm thinking it must be Notte?
  11. :yes: Yes, I think Winter '06 was definitely Notte because I saw a bunch of them out at that time.

    I was also told that Summer '06 was supposed to have Notte but not seeing them in stores I am thinking they may not have been released. I am beginning to wonder if Fall '06 was supposed to have Notte because of the Cita print inside it :confused1: Maybe they didn't make it in time considering the 5 prints available and released it the same time with the Winter '06?
  12. Laria, I think you are right - that seems to make sense. Thanks for your help (and Jen too)!
  13. I think you've got it right!!! Great work!! I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help!