Tokidoki Black question....

  1. I am new to the Tokidoki forum and had a question about the Tokidoki all black bags that came out last year. I have 2 - a Bella and a Buon Viaggio but now I'm looking for and all black Stellina. Am I out of luck for this bag? I don't think they're making black anymore, and Tokidoki will not be offered at LeSportsac after this season?

  2. I know some Macy's and Nordstroms (at least here in Phoenix) still had quite a bit of the solids. You can also try the LeSportsac outlets...I'm sure they still have *some* anyway. Also, there's always eBay and/or you could check out the great tokidoki vendors list and see if any of those stores still have some stock.
  3. Keep in mind that there are two different types of solid black bags. Original Black has the original white Tokidoki print inside and was from the first season (spring 2006?). It's discontinued and harder to find.

    Earlier this year they made the Notte bags which are solid black and have the Citta gray print on the inside. Notte is still being made and I've seen them at several Macy's.

    I'm almost sure that the Macy's in Chandler, AZ has a Notte Stellina in stock (or at least it did last time I was there).

    Hope that helps,
  4. Thanks for the info, Littlesinner and SisterBlue! I have the black with the white print on the inside, I guess that's the older version. I don't mind what print it on the inside as long as the outside is black.

    I'll go and check out my local Macys to see if they have the Notte in Stellina....I hope I can find it! :yes:
  5. Thanks for letting me know alesia60614 :smile:
  6. This is the inside of the Tokidoki - what is the name of it?

  7. tokidoki black
  8. Oh of course...duh! SisterBlue said it was called Tokidoki black. So this is the one that's harder to find because it came out in Spring 2006.
  9. The print that's on the INSIDE of Tokidoki Black is usually just called Tokidoki Print, or Original Print, or OP.

  10. the tag of the original print bag says: tokidoki white
  11. I have a question about your tokidoki original black/white bag...does the green scratch off with use over time??? :shame:

    I'm interested in buying one, but the pictures the seller has showed me, shows the zipper pulls with some of the green scratched off? Is this a sign that the bag may be fake??:cursing:
  12. alesia60614: I'm not aware of any green scratching off. I've only used my purse once so I can't really say if it's scratched off or not. HTH.
  13. Thanks!

    I just checked out another tokidoki blog, and several owners said that the green/blue can rub/scratch off with use.:shame:

    Be careful with yours, its precious!:p