Tokidoki Bags @ School!

  1. What bags do you guys take to school and why do you like it?

    also, can somebody tell me if their stellina bag can fit a standard 1 inch binder?

    im planning on buying a baggy for school and dont know if i should get a stellina or campeggio... :sweatdrop:
  2. go for campeggio. stellina is tiny. it doesn't even close with a marble notebook stuffed in it (i was comparing sizes for a friend, so i know this. heh).
  3. ^ thanks ^__^! i'll definitely stick to tryin to buy a campeggio then
  4. I take a zucca, scuola, or corriere to school... I really only carry a legal pad pens and a purse if it's not the zucca (another toki :lol:) inside... they're pretty durable and I switch them out from time to time for variety :smile:

    I want to get a campeggio but I never see one I really like on sale... I don't know which print to get... I'd get tutti but it's more of a zucca bag for me... maybe transporto but I don't like how it's spread apart but it'd probably be one of the better choices for a school bag
  5. if the nuvola could fit a binder i would love that backpack forever >.>;

    the scuola is cute but i think there is too much print on there (if there even is such a thing lol)
  6. i use my bv. i can fit three binders that are jam packed. i think it's perfect
  7. i'm going to take my campeggio. i bought binders for the new school yr today & they definitely fit! hooray :smile:
  8. i use my bv for school...i only use a notebook and a monthly planner :]
  9. i go to university and my campeggio's are PERFECT!
  10. +__+ *eyes gleam*

    must get one...
  11. Hmm I dont own a stellina or a campeggio.. but I've used my MM for school (University) for a whole semester! Its my dirtiest bag! (Its clean now LOL) It doesnt fit a binder (I dont use binders anyways) but my folders fit vertically LOL horizontally if I'm not carrying much.

    I'm a tote type of person so when school starts again, I plan on using my BV! This time, it'll fit binders, folders, agendas and whatever else I need! If I NEED to carry my books everyday.. I might use my trenino! :nuts: but idk about that..

    Good luck with your decision! I'd say go for the Campeggio or BV! Bigger is better for school!
  12. hMm campeggio of buon viaggio?