Tokidoki bags in Singapore

  1. Does anyone on Singapore know any shopping malls/centres which sell tokidoki bags at a cheaper price?
  2. Doesn't Singapore usually have sales? I know Isetan and Takashimaya carries tokis. One time I saw on their sita they had 10% off them. I also know DFS has them.
  3. papillon216, I'm curious how much are tokidoki in singapore or hk? is it equivalent to the USD price or is it more expensive?
  4. Yeah, is it more expensive in Singapore? I am soo curious too. How much is it in SGD$ ?
    Is it popular there & is it a hard to find bags?
  5. It's usually somewhat ok to find the bags and they are usually in stock. The price is about the same as the USD, maybe slightly more. A Bella and Mamma Mia would cost about S$285
    Places like isetan often slash the prices after a while too!
  6. Yikes! I didn't know it's a bit more expensive in Singapore compared to KL
    Here the Bella/Mamma Mia/Bambinone is RM620
    S$285 = US$186 and RM620 = US$177
    In any case we're still waaaay more broke than you State-side gals! :sweatdrop:
  7. I'm not too sure about Singapore, as I haven't really researched/called the stores yet LOL! ;) What I know about SIngapore is that they don't have a lesportsac store there, the brand is carried in the department stores like Isetan or Takashimaya and Dutyfree shops.

    Hong Kong on the other hand, has a few lesportsac shops. One of which is located in Ocean Centre in Kowloon side, Tsim Sha Tsui. I called there and found out that they had a foresta stellina (1 last piece) and some styles of Citta and Citta Rosa. Here are some of the prices I know:

    Stellina : HK$1160 = US$148.46
    Caramella : HK$620 = US$79.36
    Mamma Mia : HK$1160 = US$148.46
    Trenino : HK$2680 = US$343
    *Note: There is no tax in Hong Kong!!! :smile:

    I bought a foresta stellina and caramellas (citta, citta rosa). I am not sure if they ever have sales on tokis though.
  8. Oh, sorry... I forgot to add, a friend of mine is scouting Singapore for good deals on tokis. SO if she finds anything, I'll let you gals know;)
  9. cool :biggrin: the HK prices are still cheaper than where im at!
  10. ^Really? Where you at vmasterz?:smile:
  11. Guam... i think the prices in Hawaii are the same as well... our prices for the bella, mamma mia. bambinone is $157, the ciao is $145, and i forgot the rest...
  12. ^Oh! Okay :smile: I called the Macy's there and they told me they didn't have any tokidokis... is this true? Where do you get your bags from?
  13. really? lol there is no department stores here that carry tokis... only the Lesportsac stores...we got a few stores that carry tokis.. one at the Micronesia Mall, The Plaza and DFS Galleria. I havent seen any sales on anything so far..they used to have tokis on sale for the black and original print..but the prices would equal retail price in the to me it isnt really a discount:yucky: ...all the playground, foresta, citta, citta rose, inferno and paradiso prints are all guessing they didnt carry that much inventory to begin with..:shrugs:
  14. ^Oh I see... might go to Guam soon, maybe this May and wanted to know. Thanks for the info!

    Here in the Philippines ONLY 1 dept store carries it and I think they only have limited styles/designs. But last time I checked on the bags, the prices where like...:wtf: So I never checked again... but thinking about it now, maybe I should take a look!
  15. The states seems to have the best deals...*sigh* ...