Tokidoki Bag Archive

  1. Since a bunch of people have requested it, I am working on putting together a Tokidoki for LeSportsac Bag Archive here:

    Tokidoki Bag Archive « Tokidoki Blog

    I have lots more photos for it, and will add more as I get the time over the next few days/weeks. :smile:
  2. Nifty! Nice job.
  3. are a genius!!:love:
  4. you just made me want a Cangurino and Angioletto :sad:

    (but really cool anyway)
  5. so THATS how it all started...great job so far! :]
  6. very nice...good job!
  7. great job! where are you getting the pictures from?? great pictures :biggrin:
  8. robotkitten : I second that . Lovin the angioletto.
  9. Glad people like it. :smile: A friend is scanning the pics for me and I am Photoshop collaging them into pairs of each style.
  10. Awesome job, lambfashionista! Now, I wished I had an Angioletto from the first collection!
  11. Thank you lambfashionista! This is a necessary public service you have undertaken.
  12. lamb, i just want to say, YOU ROCK! and you as the grand daddy of all tokidoki collectors, you should just take a picture of all of your bags and post em!! What do you have, like thirty? I am so jelous! :biggrin:
  13. yeah no kidding...more like grandmaster :biggrin: heehee
  14. Hehe! I am going to post my whole Tokidoki collection soon - but it is has gotten larger since I last took photos, so I need to retake some of them first. :nuts:
  15. Awesome...can't wait to see it!! :love: