tokidoki backpack~

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  1. Hey Girls, I am curious to know if any of you carry the tokidoki backpack?
    I'm thinking about getting one. I travel a lot and I am tired of my black backpack lol... It seems to have lots of pockets. I cant really find one to go look at though so any advice before I order? I like the geometric girl pink one.
    Oh btw I usually carry my LV black murakami or a purple gucci bag and I have a bunch of coach stuff mostly colors that would match.
  2. I have the backpack in Discoteca. I like it a lot. It is a HUGE bag. The only thing I don't love about it is that the adjustible straps slip a lot and I have to tighten them back up.
  3. So I was looking at the backpack on macys website and they have the option but it will not let me order it. So my choices are the tobi website or eBay it seems like.
  4. That is exactly how i feel about my portafortuna backpack. Its huge...and carries a lot but I'm constantly adjusting the straps becuz they slip all the time! But its huge compared to the older style backpack! Great for carrying textbooks and binders!
  5. I looked at pix of the Toki Backpacks and I really like them...very roomy, but after hearing about the strap issue, I don't like 'em OC Comix Catcher Lesp has the same issue and it bugs me to no end.

    I am wondering if an ingenious woman on this forum has come up with a great home-made idea to prevent this slippage? :idea:
  6. sew the buckle in place, it will stop sliding.
  7. Thanks Bunnyville for the suggestion...Had thot of that but was hoping for an idea where there would be no sewing involved and had it rigged so that the strap remained adjustable (I hate sewing :P).
  8. safety pins? you really just need one or two stitches to keep it in place. sew it loosely, so you can always pull the stitches out. sure beats slipping straps!!!
  9. anyone own the abbraccio backpack?:biggrin: i really wanna buy it. whats good/bad about it?
  10. I have the portafortuna abbraccio! There are pros and cons about the bag.

    - holds a lot of stuff
    - huge bag (could find binders and text books)
    - little pockets inside the backpack for organizing stuff

    - the metal clasps that keep the straps a certain length always adjust and I am constantly adjusting them tighter because they become too loose easily
    - expensive for a backpack

    Overall I really like the backpack! It helped a lot at the comic con! I carried so much stuff in that bag and it didn't feel heavy at all. But it was really annoying that the straps would get loose. I need to figure out a way to keep them fitted.
  11. thank you! im almost ready to buy, i think.
  12. Wow! Wonton, you must have looked great at Comic con! :graucho: