Tokidoki Avatars??

  1. Where does everyone get them? They are so cute!
  2. I took pictures of my bags. What were you thinking of? Maybe someone has one already made.
  3. i cropped mine from the poster image... i really want her on more :sad: shes so cute on her dragon!
  4. am going to crop from Vacanze. Thanks!!
  5. I cropped a pic of my bag too :p

    I'm shocked so many dislike Momo :sad:
  6. The one I had before.. was just cropped out of a pics too.
  7. kkiimm, i love momobellapeach :biggrin:

    Anyways, I usually get my pics from my bags as well...but this one I took characters I like from Transporto and put them together.
  8. OK..I thought I knew how to crop but ended up with the whole design as my avatar. So how do I do this?
  9. Hi tvstar! hehe u are so cute =)
    What character did you want to zoom in on? I can try and help =)
  10. Yay!

    That's how I feel about Trasporto.. I don't like it all together, just pieces :push:

  11. This is a test. I hope this works!
    vacanzegirl.jpg vacanzemonster.jpg vacanzesabochan.jpg

  12. Thanks! I want the gelato bear!
  13. Thanks..I got the Candy Angel..I :heart: her too!
  14. I hope this isn't too big...

  15. Thanks..ok..I will switch to him next week..I love Candy Angel too! Thank you thank you!