Tokidoki at the UC Universities

  1. Well I had a Tokidoki "teaching" moment today. My son calls me and says he saw someone selling Tokidoki purses at UC San Diego and was there anything I was looking for. He was going to a lab so he could not check until after the lab. I am teaching a course at UCI and had a lab section this morning. Two of my students had Tokidoki bags, a Inferno BV and a FORESTA backpack. I think they were surprised that I knew what they were. Of course they then asked me which one I had and LOL I said which pattern and which style. So much fun to see a Tokidoki bag when you least expect it.
  2. neat! I am at Berkeley, I've seen a couple toki bags around... an OP campeggio/andiamo, paradiso gioco, and maybe a few others. I don't get a chance to walk around campus too much though, so... there's probably more!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  3. Cool, was it a vendor selling bags down that walk by the Price Center?
  4. I go to UCSD, I haven't seen anyone selling toki bags though. I wonder if they were real and where they were!
  5. I went to UCSD, but graduated looong ago :yes: My college sorority's rush theme is tokidoki this year.
  6. My son got out of his lab and just went by (by where I am not sure-thats all he said) and said they looked wiped out. He said that when he had seen them before they had looked pink. PINK????? Oh well I think it was sweet of him to think of me. He does know what Foresta looks like and said he didn't think he saw any.
  7. That's pretty cool! At my cal poly, nobody's ever heard of tokidoki. =( wish I went to UCI with a cool professor like you. What course are you teaching?
  8. omg are you serious.... that is so awesome....!!!!!! :nuts: I think the sororities at cal got rid of theme night (not sure if it's an all NPC thing) for a philanthropy night... bc some of the theme nights were getting a bit ridiculous (in terms of the $$ spent, etc...) but I am still sad bc I remember some awesome theme nights when I was in college... the best was the year we did austin powers... hahah!!! :p

    ok anyway, back to topic...
  9. my sister went to UCI and she likes toki xD
  10. so far this quarter i'm the only toki wearer in my classes that i've seen but usually there's one or two other people in my classes...

    i go to uci btw ;) and usually there's a vendor that sells fake toki btw but that's it... if there's an actual vendor vendor that's nifty
  11. Were you in an Asian American interest sorority? Haha I actually made a sample Tokidoki flyer for our past rush, we might use it in a future rush =)
  12. Yup, Asian-American ...
  13. I saw the place selling "tokidoki" on library walk today - too bad it was selling all fakes. :sad:
  14. at UCI every few months theres a venders fair, never saw toki there... but i did buy some imported CDs and when i asked the dude if they were real hes like "YEAAAA FOR SURE" then i went home and found out they were fake... >_> he got an earfull from me.
  15. Hey, another UCSD graduate here too! I miss those vendor fairs...