Tokidoki at Nordstrom

  1. I know I saw someone mention on one of the Tokidoki threads that they saw some bags on sale at Nordstrom but I can't seem to find that exact post to add to it.

    But I stopped by one of my local Nordstrom stores today and saw some Tokidoki bags on their sale tables.

    Off the top of my head I saw:
    2 Buon Viaggio bags in the Cita print for $106.00
    1 Mama Mia in the Cita print for $86.00
    some Denaro wallets for $48.00 (in black and fumo I think there were other colors)
    Then there were some other small bags and accessories which I can't seem to remember.

    Now this is the biggest surprise for me. I saw a Luna print bag that was obviously a return. I believe the style of that bag is the Bella. This particular bag was not on the sale table but at the regular price area. Personally I am surprised they did not automatically mark it down since its so old now. But I know that some of you are looking for this print and perhaps this style?
  2. Which Nordstroms?
  3. The Northgate one.

    Now is the original first print even called the Luna print? I thought for the longest time it was or did I mix it up with the bag style? But the Bella bag that I saw was in the original print.
  4. Could you give me the phone number?

  5. The Nordstrom in Beaverton, OR also has them on sale! =)
  6. Nordstrom at Valley Fair in San Jose, CA has a bunch of Ciao Ciaos in both CItta and Citta Rosa prints for $106.
  7. Luna is a bag style, its like a duffle style bag. Its just called the original print. Thank you for the sales info. but I live in Sacramento, Ca so I have no idea as to what location northgate is???
  8. Sometimes I hate living in Canada. I'm dying for one of these bags!!! I can't even find somewhere that sells them, nevermind find one on sale :drool: :sos:
  9. They sell them at Sportinglife. But i havent seen them go on sale yet.
  10. Thanks Laria for the tip.

    I just called Northgate Nordstroms and got a Buon Viaggio in the citta from them.

    Can't wait to get it!:yahoo:

    If you want the number it's 206.364.8800 ext. 1250. I spoke with Gina and she was so helpful!
  11. Will US stores ship to Canada??? If so you could let me know what bag you want and I could try and find it for you and then you can call and pay and have them ship it to you. Or I could buy it and you could somehow pay with paypal and I could ship it to you.

  12. Do you know if they ship to other states? If so, how much does it costs for shipping?
  13. they had the dinero wallets on urban for 48 also.. with an addition 25% off
  14. urban outfitters that is
  15. Some of them ship to Canada but the shipping cost usually offsets any kind of deal (+ $30) and then we get charged customs fees on top of that.

    I'm looking for pretty much any print in the Goico...I've got a friend who is going to check out the outlet at Woodbury for me but not sure what she'll find.

    I'm not even sure I can afford one right now...the Christmas bills are pouring in :shrugs: but if a crazy deal came along...oh man, I know this website is going to get me in trouble :yes:

    I'm probably looking for an unrealistic deal...on sale and then an additional coupon type scenario...could happen I guess :drool: