Tokidoki at Nordstom Rack (San Diego)

  1. OMG! I was shopping at the Nordstrom Rack in San Marcos yesterday. They have a ton of Pirata. Zuccas were only $89.97! Hurry girls! They also had Portotelefonos for $39. I saw Lunas, Bocces and a few other small bags. I had to restrain myself because I do not need any more bags. Zuccas for half-off, what a bargain!!!
  2. Lucky! I went to my Nordstorm Rack at the MOA and everything was gone! I wanted a Portatelefono and bambino, but all were taken away. All that was left was luna and zucca.

    Is there a certain time they do this? Like two seasons later? I definitely want any of the newer prints..
  3. I saw a ton too at NR Mission Valley San Diego, too!
  4. Awww. none at Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro (Bay Area), CA. Sucks!

  5. Aw - I've never seen toki's at the MOA Rack. I've never seen them in the MOA Nordstrom's store either. Are they in a separate area away from the purse department?
  6. Ahhhh gaaahhh! I know! I've been there at least 3 times and some of them haven't even HEARD of it... I really would rather have discount bags... especially pirata. I wanted that so badly...
  7. aww I was in San Marcos today... too bad I only check this forum when I get bored now :sad: did they have any dolces?
  8. hmm I called the Nordstrom Rack in San Diego yesterday and they told me they don't have any tokidokis!!! Maybe they didn't know what I was talking about...or maybe they're gone. I really want a pirata bag though..and there are no Nordstrom Racks near where I live in TX.
  9. I'm going to check the san marcos one hopefully tomorrow... if it has anything left i'll post. I may also check the costa mesa location as well depending on how much time i have :smile: if you search around you'll find people w/ the pirata bags at the nordstroms rack retail + fees + shipping... but that's elsewhere. Not necessarily eBay but not here either :lol:
  10. i called san marcos and at first they were like "tokidoki? no we don't have that, i've never even heard of it" then i explained it was by lesportsac and they were like, "OH! those japanese bags?!" and they told me all they had left were portas, or i'm assuming they were portas b/c she said they could fit in the palm of your hand.
  11. the one in san marcos had about 3 zuccas left, a bocce and a luna, that was this afternoon, i had to pick up a zucca it was too good to pass up.
  12. WHAT seriously?! i called just last night, i was hella lied to! :c
  13. yeah i went in there today, i searched for portas, but maybe i mised them all i could find was what i listed above, but they definitely had them. i was sure from reading this i would be out of luck but they had them.
  14. Cool, I'm going there tomorrow to check it out.