Tokidoki at Epcot?

  1. I am going to Disney World in a few weeks (:yahoo:) and I am so excited to shop in the World Showcase at Epcot! Does anyone know if they carry any Toki stuff at all in the Japan or Italy pavilions? Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. I've never seen any, but it never hurts to look.
  3. I love the Japan pavilion there~~ The last time I remember being there was a long time ago, but the Japanese store was definitely the best place in all of Epcot. It has *so* many cute things in it, along with loads of Japanese candy and stuff like that~
  4. I know! I love shopping there! I am excited to see what they have now.
  5. ooooh congrats.. I :love: Disney. I'm going with the family in Jan or Feb. I am addicted to the disney snowglobes.. :drool:.. lol it drives DH crazy that I can never decide which one I want to buy and I take forever to pick one.. hehe
  6. I remember The Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney having some Toki (sigh Foresta) a year ago so there might be some Toki there!
  7. Oh, thanks for the info! I will definitely check there!
  8. No way!! At the Virgin Megastore? I'd never think to look there!! Did I mention that... :tpfrox:
  9. oh good to know. I just wish I knew this sooner because there used to be a Virgin Mega Store at Sunset Place in Miami. But I never went in because all the movies and CDs were overpriced IMO... oh well.. :p lol
  10. If you will have a car, there is a Bloomingdale's at the Mall at Millenia which carries Tokidoki.
  11. don't worry, danelys... they never had tokidoki there! I used to walk into the virgin megastore at sunset all the time just to browse (i love music stores, I am weird) and they definitely didn't have any nice bags in there! it was mostly shirts and hoodies when it came to merch that wasn't media!
  12. Like others said, at Downtown Disney, go to the Virgin Megastore- they currently have TONS of Toki stuff, t-shirts, hoodies, vinyl toys, Transporto and Tutti bags (when I went recently, they had Dolces, Zuccas, and Giocos as I recall).
    Have fun!
  13. Gabesmommy,
    I am going to Disney after Thanksgiving and hd been wondering the same thing. I'd love it if you could post and let us know about what you find at Epcot when you get back!
  14. Will do! :smile:
  15. The Virgin store in downtown disney was where I first fell in love with Tokidoki! I blame them for the addiction! Gotta love it though..