tokidoki artwork.

  1. My artwork thus far... Hehehe. If anyone else (or their bfs *lol*) has any other works, post post post!!

    Also, if anyone has suggestions of what characters to draw, let me know. I may or may not take the suggestions. :roflmfao:
    tokidokibird.jpg tokidokisasquaches_lowres.gif pinkipoddevil.jpg
  2. awwww the sasquaches are darling!!! hmm....draw the sea monsters!
  3. very cute!! what do you do with them after you draw them? are these in a sketchbook?
  4. I'm collecting them in a binder and sheet protectors. I was thinking about coloring them, but I don't like the lines markers and colored pencils make and I hate crayons so I think I'll leave them black and white and just color a copy on Photoshop or something.

    I've never seen a photo of the sea monsters close enough to see real details, but it sounds cute!
  5. That looks awesome!
  6. do you do these free hand or with pencil first?
  7. Definitely pencil first! It's a lot easier that way.
  8. I see, because I've been drawing for many years too on and off and not all that seriously- even though teachers have asked me to consider it- and when I saw your artwork...I thought it would be crazy if you could do that free hand already. How large do you draw them? Do they span an entire sheet of paper?

    I haven't even considered drawing anything toki yet though...but I used to draw a lot of anime. Even won a poster contest in High
  9. Most things I can do freehand after I've drawn it once. It's weird. I definitely prefer penciling first since I like to get things to look as close to the real thing as possible, though. Growing up I always won art contests and was voted "best artist" in 6th grade. *lol* Whoo-hoo for me, right? Hahahahaha. I think the best "art times" I used to have is all the years I entered door decorating contests in school and I always won. I would always use Sanrio characters... Santa Pekkle on a surfboard, etc. Those were fun.
  10. hehe..cute about drawing the foresta monkeys hanging off the tree next to sandy :biggrin:
  11. I really like drawing, but over time, besides the art class I took in college, I stopped drawing completely except for times when I get really depressed. My parents always discouraged it and told me I was wasting my time, and I was tired of it being the only talent I was recognized for.
    I think it's my most instinctual outlet, if writing doesn't cut it.
  12. I used to make bead jewelry but stopped for awhile. I sucked at drawing so I thought I could be good in jewelry making. Too bad our university doesnt have that kind of class cuz I wanted to learn jewelry design/making and stain glass making. :biggrin:
  13. Me too, I used to thread indian bead jewelry but dad was like...what a waste of time and used to yell at me. A friend of mine actually interned for the photographer who created metallic jewelry and transfered to FIT from a science major to design jewelry. By this time she had already made over 50 pairs of earrings with beads and wire and have even ebayed some of it off!! I think it's pretty cool

    I don't think you really need to take a class to make stained bro did it with his ex-gf and he's not into anything artsy at all- he made window and christmas ornaments- unless you were thinking something more complex
  14. The sea serpants...
  15. Yup Im thinking complex things like the real big stuff, like window, panels, candle holders and such. I dont even know where to begin to get stuff on how to start on it :shrugs: ... so thinking if I had taken a class at least I would know the proper way or basics :p ...also Im interested in learning to do glass blowing lampwork...

    maya: thats a cute drawing..:biggrin: i thought they were snakes lol