tokidoki apparel, qc?

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  1. I never post in this section but i have about 4 tokidoki shirts and one hoodie, all bought from metropark. is it just me or are they lacking quality control??? my shirts have been in the wash once, and there's already holes in the armpit area... i thought it was just one occurance but it's on 3 out of the 4 shirts, my hoodie has a small tear it in also already :sad:
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I have a lot of the tees and a couple of hoodies and so far no problems with holes or tears. For the amount of money spent on the clothing I would be upset too.
  3. Never had any problems with my shirts or hoodies and I have over 5 shirts (washed at least once) and a few hoodies - washed at least once as well.

    Do you wash your tshirts with other tshirts?
  4. Hmm.. I haven't had any problems like that. The only thing was on an older shirt, part of the image flaked off after the first time washing it, but it's not bad. None of my shirts have gotten holes. :shrugs:
    That's too bad about yours, though. I'd be mad, too.
  5. I've been meaning to make a post about this. I have 5 tokidoki shirts and I think 2 or 3 of them have those little tiny holes on them all over the shoulders! after one wash. they kind of look like a small hole a security tag could leave if the tag was too heavy for the material. I could understand one, but i have like 6 or so!

    i wish they were better quality, especially for the price. but needless to say, i'll still buy them because i love the prints.
  6. I have several shirts myself and only 1 so far has this issue. It's the white one w/ the black collage type print on the back. It's also a thinner material than my other ones IMHO. I think the shirt quality is just the same as the other shirts you'd find at other stores nowadays. After a few washes they get kinda crappy (but luckily mine aren't as crappy) But yeah I don't think for the price the quality control is the greatest but they're cute
  7. I hope that doesn't start happening to my tokidoki apparel. :cursing: Honestly, if my td outfits started to get holes in them after the first few washes, I would stop buying td clothes. For the price I've paid for some off them, they'd better last.
  8. I've never bought the clothes because I've noticed the shirts are really thin. I'm definitely not going to buy any now.
  9. Actually, my Latte Family hoodie has little holes around the logo on the back! Its been washed a few times, and I'm so mad that this happened!
  10. I wash but don't dry them
  11. i wash all my clothes in the delicate cycle in cold water, then hang dry to avoid fade and shrinkage. i don't have any problems yet (knock on wood).
  12. This is good information to have! I haven't bought any Tokidoki apparel yet either, but was really tempted by the Mozzarella black hoodie. After hearing about the quality control issues, I think I'll probably stay away from the clothing.
  13. mine are all at the armpit seams. it looks like it wasnt sewn too well so it came apart
  14. i have a few tokidoki shirts. after my washing my first one i noticed how easily the print fades/chips & how delicate the shirt itself is. what i do now thou is wash it on delicate in cold water & hang dry it & i haven't had any problems since. hope that helps.
  15. I had a problem like this with one of my toki tees. It's the black barbed wire tee with the baby Adios lying in random spots. I wore it once and then hand washed it and hung it up to dry. After drying, I was about to take it off the hanger when I noticed a hole on the sleeve!!

    I was pissed because it had only been through one wearing and one washing by hand. I was able to mend it with some black thread but still ... that kind of stuff shouldn't happen.