Tokidoki, any reputable ebay seller?

  1. Hi, I've been looking for a Tokidoki in original print, medium/large size bag. The ones I see on ebay are way overpriced. That would not be the problem if I can trust athenticity. In some cases they dont come with the toy, or the sellers are already selling the Foresta line (not yet released in the US), or they state that you can ask him whatever print or model you want (?).

    Anyone with a reputable seller to recommend?

  2. Did you ever find the Tokidoki bag you were looking for?? I've bought a few off of ebay and I'd be happy to give you the seller's name if you're still looking.
  3. Do you think that you could possibly pass that info on to me too (reputable ebay sellers). I really want my own tokidoki but cant bring myself to buy when in the department store. My email is Thanks so much!
  4. if you hit the department stores during a sale you will probably pay less then e-Bay where it seems most stuff goes for close to retail prices, especially on the smaller bags.

    There are certainly no $64 Lunas or $42 Bambinones on eBay like we find at the sales in Macy's!!
  5. I've been to several Macys over the weekend and none are left to sell except the recent prints... I missed the sale :cursing: Last resort is ebay :yucky:
  6. is paradisio in the dept stores? Im missing that print!
  7. Tokidoki Lover: Yes all the Paradiso & Inferno are on sale. Some of the macy's still have citta (only 1 or 2 in a Macy's) & original black.
    But they were all long gone. I went last Wed, they have about 10 bags, when I went there again on Friday. ALL GONE! can you believe that!
  8. Is "Unique Threads" a business/store? She has a ton of Lamore... I wonder if all the pictures are stock photos...
  9. I wonder how you can get on those list the SA's have to call when there's those kinds of sales?
  10. Sometimes she uses stock photos nd sometimes she uses photos of the actual items. I think she is figuring out that is she uses the actual photos her bids go higher.

    You need to read the auction decription carefully because she does say in each one which it is actual item or not.