Tokidoki ANGIOLETTO 9503

  1. I only see tokidoki in the Agioletto style for the first season. How much was it originally? Does anyone know why they stopped making it? I tried looking on the LeSportsac website but I couldnt find the style at all.
  2. The Angioletto was only made for the first two seasons now instead of it they have the portatelefono.
  3. thats what I thought. Do you know the original price? Im hunting for some on eBay.
  4. Yes, it's $62. I bought mine on eBay for $56, its playground (the tan one). Its really cute. You can use it as a wristlet, wallet, camera case, cellphone or ipod case.
  5. thanks! There was one on ebay for 70. It was too cute but i was scared i was bidding for too much!