Tokidoki and Animal Crossing?

  1. I just noticed that the faces (eyes, mostly) of some of the Toki characters look a LOT like the faces of the characters in the video game Animal Crossing. Anyone else familiar with the game? Do you agree?

    (Yes, I'm a 35 year old woman who plays video games... :nuts:)

  2. i play animal crossing with my kids on their ds and on gamecube! haha we fight for it!! LOL.. oh i never noticed if the characters were like toki characters! i'll take a look!
  3. i think we had this convo a long while back :lol: it should still be in the forum somewhere!
  4. oh i may have been a noobi or not here yet during that time. i'll do a search! thx jenn!
  5. I love Animal Crossing... can anyone help me upgrade my damn store, hahaha. Please?
  6. I used to play AC on my GC. Oh, how I love to go fishing and buying stuffs from the shops. I like Lucy the Pig and we are neighbors! :smile: Back to topic, I think the AC characters are more squared and Toki are more rounded. AC are CGI while Toki are HDI - so they do share similarities.
  7. :roflmfao: I need to do that too... want to be friends :graucho: u know in all this time I've had a DS I've never actually played w/ the wifi
  8. i have all the midi files on my phone as ringers or just mp3s! ok back to the topic.. yeah the toki's are rounded i agree! i hate digging up the same fossils! halloween is fun too roaming at night!
  9. Hahahaha That's so funny! I cant put my DS down bcs of that game! Hey does anybody have a friend code so we can go WIFI all my neighbors say Toki toki! when they see me!!!!
  10. Hehe, we make ours all say goofy things like "I farted". I especially love Ribbot because he loves to talk and we die laughing when he says stuff!

  11. yeah we did...and annieb said she made toki clothes for her town :graucho:
  12. I really don't know how the wifi works... but yes, I need friends!
  13. i just started playing the game yesterday :lol:
  14. haha...i need to get myself into that game then.