Tokidoki Amigurumi

  1. Maybe this is not the right place, but do any of you all do amigurumi of the Toki characters? I was going to try to do a couple, I've started on a Mou Mou but I don't think it's coming out right...anyone have pictures of ones they've tried? Sorry if this thread is misplaced, I don't know any other forum of Tokidoki.
    Hmmm...maybe I'll try a Latte.....
  2. whats amigurumi? forgive my ignorance.
  3. I don't, but after googling it, I think that I definitely want to learn how to do it.

    I would love to see your finished product.
  4. It's a Japanese craft of crocheting/knitting. :smile: Like origami is the craft of paper folding.
  5. Ms. Kula_bear, amigurumi means "small knitted/crocheted toy" in Japanese (as I've been told!). I will post some pictures here in a bit, if I figure it out how to load in pics.
    I've been crocheting for a while, but this is new for me. I'm working on a "Toki-insipired" toy right now from a pattern I looks goofy, but it's fun! :p
  6. I would love one in a toki for a keychain for my bag!!
  7. wow thats cool! I used to volunteer at the Japanese American Museum teaching kids origami. Please post pics.
  8. toki amigurumi? -dies-
    that would be SO CUTE!
    I'd be heaps interested to see how your project turned out :biggrin:
  9. you all are in for a letdown, I tried my best! I don't think the puppy likes the cat...:roflmfao: On the left is "Beatnik Boy"'s not EXACTLY Toki...I'm working on it!
  10. Dang it 'Dino! Play NICE!
  11. how cuuuuute! The kitty looks great! Thanks for posting the picks!!! Do they have kits for this?
  12. I haven't seen any kits for it- the things I've read, though, say that amigurumi must be single crochet, and if worked in the round, must be spiraled (American crochet "jumps up" to the next row- the Japanese way doesn't supposedly). I think it's just a matter of grabbing some yarn of any color and just see what happens!
    Most patterns I've seen build up from 6 sc in the round, and increases 6 sc every round until the size is met, then no increase a few rounds, then decreasing back. Use a smaller hook than you normally would- it really does help make the stitches tight so the stuffing doesn't show.
    Thnaks for the compliment Kula_Bear!! :smile:
  13. aww@!! too cute. i love amigurumi!! it's the only reason i wish i could crochet
  14. very cute sparklyseahorse :biggrin:
  15. aww cuteness... I'd definitely want to learn how to do that!