tokidoki alarm clocks?

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  1. Which one do you like...I see two shown there. $20 for shipping is insane...don't do it. I'm sure they'll start popping up everywhere.
  2. well it IS from spain...
  3. yes, but still.
  4. hahahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahaah...I didn't even notice that!!!

    Which one though...I see two in the at the top and as you scroll down there's a different one!! :confused1:
  5. Errrr... isn't Tokidoki Japanese so it should be Japanese alarm clock??? Just a newbie question.
  6. it's so cute!! I wish it was digital. heck, I could see myself getting it just for display. i think the pink one is my favorite.
    thanks for the info!
  7. coocoo tokidoki is japanese anime inspired, but the designer Simone Legno is actually Italian, so some of the tokidoki stuff gets released in Europe that doesn't get sold in US.