Tokidoki 8 inch Bear Qee Pre-Release


    I know this may have been posted already, but these will become quite hard to find. a friend of mine owns a comic shop and this came out in his order catalog this month, this shop is really making a very small profit from cost, so I suggest for the 16 dollars off get it if anyone wants one..i'm highly considering it as this price is even better than what he can do for me at his shop!
  2. Lol, the poor thing has bandaids all over.... yesss the cactus thorns go on the OUTSIDE of the suit... ;)

    Very cute though, and soo big for a toy.
  3. Man, if I liked toys like that, I'd looooooooove to get it!! It's cute!!
  4. It's very hopefully whoever wants to get it, can get it.

    For me though..nahh I need to save money and it would just sit there anyway.
  5. yea...It's a bit much for me but it's really grown and checking out the catalog made me want it even more...maybe i can ask to use my store discount and purchase it at cost...haha that will never happen!
  6. lolz is very cute though :tup: Good luck with getting any kind of discount :biggrin:
  7. oh wow!!! really cute! would luv one but its tooooo expensive!!! :wtf:
  8. weeeeeeee discount! I'm gonna get it... I need to cancel one red one (I ordered two) before I preorder this one tho... unless someone wants a red one :sneaky:
  9. thanks for the link!! i've been wanting to get the white one! it was between that or the glow in the dark one...but this one is cheaper! lolz
  10. hehe i have until july 30 to think about it :lol:
  11. omg~~~ cutie!!!
  12. OO:huh: Good find. I'm still on the fence, it's killing me!
  13. I don't know what to do.. I think I may hold out for the black version.
  14. oh geezus why'd the preorder price go up? i was gonna wait until end of july to charge my cc..but thanks aileen for the other link!