all about it :) Seriously?!!!

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  1. I'm sorry, but I read this thread and had to post something that I've been thinking for a while. I'm sure I'll probably offend several people, but I'm sorry....... I just don't get these bags. I'm shocked there is an obsession with them- they look like they were purchased, at best, at a children's boutique. Like I said, sorry, but I just don't understand it...
    New Print 2009 -- Save your money (again)!
  2. bravo....
    i always tell myself it must have something SPECIAL about the print for that price...ya know....but even so...
  3. Thanks for the reply! Seriously?! Maybe the bags are laced with something suspicious to justify the price?! Otherwise, there is absolutely NO justification. I'm just shocked an actual adult would carry that bag, ya know?
  4. we actually have a Toki Forum here. . . we prefer not to have brand bashing threads.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.