1. I was at Macy's at the Garden State plaza in NJ. My cousin is 11 and has had some recent hard times (her mother left them, her dad lost her job) and all she has wanted was a Toki. I wanted to do something for her to shine some light on the recent situations. SO my mother and I went in together to get her a STellina and i went tonight to pick one up.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were on sale for 50% off! WHile I was deciding on whether or not I should get a gioco for my daughter a sales person came out and grabbed about 20 vacanaze bags. someone had called in wanting those bags. i wonder if they are going to someone who is going to resell them. they grabbed just about everything including a dolce i was thinking about (I KNEW i shouldn't have put that down!)

    anyway, i got the gioco and the stellina for $120! this included sales tax. what a great deal!

  2. Kitza is there anything left ? I've heard for the past week and a half that the Tokidoki bags in the East Coast Area were 60% off ! Do you know if everything was wiped out ? Did they have any prints besides Vacanze ? Do you happen to have their phone number ? I've been calling several New York area Macy's and either they arev to busy to help me or the phone keeps ringing . I just got off the phone with Macy's Hreald Square and they are sold out !
  3. there were lots of vacanaze goicios, 1 vacanaze zucca, a few notte dolce and 2 or 3 tutti cangos. lots of the bags were missing the qees.

  4. congrats on your great find, Kitzka!

    i heard of a similar sale going on somewhere in california too. i went to my local macy's hoping they were on sale so i could receive a price adjustment on the vacanze bv i bought on friday. i was sad to find the bags were only 25% off:sad: there were plenty left so i hope they go on sale soon here too!

    it's crazy how someone bought 20 bags at once. i'm a college kid and i don't have that kind of money, even if it's to resell!
  5. At least you were able to get those bags at great prices!

    I think I need to make a trip to the one near me to see if there is anything on sale.
  6. Nice find and a great deal! I hope your cousin likes it!
  7. That's a great deal! Sorry to hear about your cousin though- I hope her situation gets better, and that in the mean time the toki brings her some joy :smile:
  8. Welp, there's a whole bunch of Vacanze's that went up on eBay from someone in NY within the last 12 hrs.

    Does anyone else think Vacanzes are going to be pretty popular this fall-winter?