toki-treats from envii

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  1. hello...a few weeks ago i posted for the first time looking for some help locating a citta zucca. talk about hard to find...not much came up for that bag but with some big time help from Envii she was able to help me get not 1 but 2 beautiful Citta Rosa Zuccas. A huuge THANK YOU goes out to her for her patience and willingness to help get these. The bags arrived yesterday and my wife and her sister are very excited. (btw...did i ever mention i was a dude? uhh...a guy on a purse forum? well, I was only doing this for the benefit of my wife and her sister...really)

    anyways...thanks to leen619 too. she's a loong time friend who i happened to bump into here. why was I not suprised that she was a toki-nerd too? thanks also, i think, for feeding into the toki fever for my wife and her 2 sisters. already big toki fans...they have since become crazed lunatic toki women after being exposed to this forum and your vast collection.

    in all fairness...i can appreciate someone's urge to collect something they're really into and among all the purses/bags I've come across these are probably some of the coolest I've seen. not that I'm gonna get one...maybe a shirt, but that's it. i'll probably turn over the forum duties to my wife now because my friends would kill me if they ever found out though i'll probably lurk every now and then. good luck and happy hunting.

    cr_zucca1.jpg cr_zucca2.jpg
  2. welcome to to the forum maxxi! congrats on the great score. your wife and sil must LOVE it! they're beautiful! :love::love:
  3. those are great ones! i soooo want a citta rosa zucca. they are wicked hard to find. i love to read about the helpfulness of the forum members and thanks for sharing.
  4. ahhh a guy on the purse forum!!! how cool is that?! :biggrin:

    yay for envii for helping you out!! and yay for you for doing such a nice thing for your wife and sis-in-law!! :woohoo: nothing says love like toki .. lol :yes:
  5. wow...awesome bags! They should be very happy hahhaha...i think you're the first tpf guy :smile:
  6. maybe more guys will join now. congrats on your 2 cr zuccas!
  7. My bf would rather die than join this forum haha. He's like "The purse forum again????" hahhahahahah. I think he's just a bit irritated cuz I buy bags all the time then complain that I have no money..which is
  8. ohh! haha!! yay you got the bags! maxxi.. just hang out here some more!! LOL.. come on you're good at scouting bags for her since she's way more busy at work than you! lol. just kidding.

    congrats on their zuccas!! ready for con?
  9. awww! those print placements are perfect! it makes me want a citta rosa zucca now! (even though i already want a gioco, a ciao ciao, and a denaro :p)
  10. that is so awesome of you, and congrats to both of them. it's nice to see a guy who gets it.
  11. Double congrats to Citta Rosa Zucca x 2 :dothewave::dothewave:

    My DH hates me to go on forum, exactly like Jessaka's bf... :sad:
  12. aileen...yup, we're ready already. michele and her sisters will make a stop to visit simone i'm sure. why don't you hold your first meeting of the san diego toki club there?:tup:

    on being one of the few guys on this forum...i'm sure there are plenty of lurkers out there. i don't mind the toki forum so much because i like the artwork. outside of the the toki forum chance.
  13. Maxxi - that's great that you're guy not only willing to hook his wife and sister-in-law up with rare Toki bags, but that you're willing to join a purse forum to search out the bags. My dh would never come to this forum lol. He says I waste too much of my evenings on this forum. Great Citta Rosa Zuccas, by the way! Yeah, Envii is awesome! She hooked me up with a Foresta Zucca a couple months back. :p
  14. aww, my bf would never wear toki..or join this forum. heh.