Toki T-shirts, is this right?!?!!?!?

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  1. I was looking at Toki t-shirts on azaela online, and the size chart says a women's XL t-shirt is only a US size 8 ?!?!?!

    Is that right?!?!?!
  2. I think so..the shirts are tiny!!!!
  3. yeah, I saw that too.. I'd agree! I know how I measure, and the measurement on their XL is like 17" or something!!!! who is an XL w/a 34" bust but a jr size?
  4. I guess I come close. I'm a 36B and wear the XL and it fits snugly. I'd say the sizing chart is about right.
  5. that wouldn't have fit my bust at 12!!
  6. me either.:girlsigh:
  7. unfortunately, yes. I usu wear a small/US size 4 in most brands, and I'm a 34B... but for toki shirts I always get a large!!! I like to throw my shirts in the dryer, and after a large shrinks, it's still a bit loose on me, which I like. I have a medium that shrank a bit in the wash, and that is pretty much skin tight on me, and I don't like it as much... supposedly they are 'junior' sizes... :P
  8. Uh oh!! I just ordered two today in XL and I am definitely not a size 8!!!! I probably won't even be able to get them on!
  9. I just don't know WHY they don't make those tees in bigger sizes? IT's total discrimination!:cursing: My fat body would look good wearing some toki!
  10. I think when it comes time for me to buy a toki tee I'm gonna buy a guy's shirt in a size small .. lol :biggrin:

    That way it's guaranteed to fit me .... unless of course I can find a womens's XL. Last time I looked at toki tees they only had S and M and they're so tiny. Must ... lose .. weight ...
  11. I end up buying the mens XL shirts because by the time they shrink in the dryer then they fit like I want them to. Most of the womens shirts are also in the mens just in a different color. LIke my Mozerella shirt is a green color instead of a superlightweight yellow. The koi shirt is a little darker gray in mens too, but otherwise the shirts are the exact same.
  12. Whoa, ditto everything that you wrote, right down to the fit of my one Medium tee that I don't like as much after drying it!
  13. Really? If I were to get a shirt, it would be large too! That weird but do you guys know if the shirts are long or short? I love longer shirts! I saw the new line and I must have the candy cane girl! Shes very cute!
  14. hazelnut, i'm the same.. i wear small.. now i aint big on top unfortunately..:crybaby:but i did end up getting a Large adios/ciao T cause they didn't have mediums. i actually liked the way it fit! so if it does shrink in the dryer i get that leeway of it going down to a medium hopefully.

    yeah my smalls shrunk alot.. my daughter was happy.. it fit her nicely.. and was way too tight on me..
  15. You gals who have larger boobies..I wouldn't worry too much. I fit in a XL and I have closer to 36D's (or C depending on the bra) it should be OK...but I'm also idk.

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