Toki Stores located in Canada??

  1. I heard there were some stores that had tokidoki but I'm not sure which ones.. If you guys know where else aside from SATCHEL SHOP ( Richmond Centre ) and VOLTAGE ( main street, Vancouver )

    then please do tell :confused1: thanks..
  2. ohh!! ok thank you so much! sorry for accidentally creating another thread ^_^;
  3. it's okay -- this place moves so quickly that stuff doesn't always stay on the front page. :biggrin: the search function saves my life hahahaha.
  4. yeah DX too much tokidoki addicts posting! XD :lol:
  5. Hahaha we'll we're one of them, so we really shouldn't talk. XD

    So are you from Vancouver, too? ^_~
  6. Oh i am so glad there is one in edmonton.
  7. woops!! sorry i didnt know you replied to this and it got buried DX

    annddd yeah i know i was being sarcastic haha :p i just joke around like that.

    and yes!! im from vancouver :smile: and you? .. oh woops xD i checked your little profile thing there and it says vancouver *slaps head XD*
  8. Bumping for Tealsippers; she's got more info for those of you in NB.

    It might be worth asking a mod to merge the Vancouver thread with this one, since it's more active than this one and the Vancouver stuff gets posted in here as well.
  9. Stone Ridge stores across Canada
    JB's Bags in Calgary