toki shirts - sizing & help question!

  1. Ok so I really really REALLY want a Mozzarella shirt, but every site that has the girls' shirt it's sold out or too small. Now I wear a girl's medium, but I noticed that Azalea online has the guys' Mozzarella shirts all in stock. Not too big a fan of the green really, but for those of you who have shirts, do you think that a Men's small would be too big? (My bf has a Toki shirt in XL but I think its more of a muscle shirt type material, and this shirt looks like a regular cotton tee.)

    Or, if anyone has seen the Mozzarella girls shirt in Medium ANYWHERE, can you please let me know?? I NEED IT!

    thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I don't think a mens small will be too big for you. I wear a womens XL and a mens L. So I went down a size. Obviously the mens tee is not going to fit like a baby doll tee. It is more loose but I prefer it that way. The material on my mens adios and ciao ciao tee is the same thin cotton just like the womens tees. It definitely wasn't heavy weight.
  3. thats good to know! thanks for the heads up! i was afraid the fabric was gonna be different, but now I know its the same & that a Small should be ok :smile: