Toki shirts for your kids

  1. Has anyone bought any Toki shirts for their kids?

    I'm thinking about getting my son a bastardino tee. I think it would look cute on him. I think he will fit a mens S or M.
  2. I think that ladies tees would be a little too mature for my youngun (being six and all) but I did buy her a Paradiso Dolce for her to carry her allowance and lip gloss in :nuts:
  3. The only kid that Im buying a shirt for is me! :lol:

    Blackwidow:Im sure your son would look cute in it :biggrin: hmm..just dont make him say "bastard"ino.. :lol:

    Malleficent: aw.. she must look soo cute with it!!
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. :wtf: You're right I probably wouldn't be able to send him to school in it. The one I'm looking at has his name on the dog dish. They need to make some styles for kids.
  6. Well at least its not a mozzarella with a gun and a bullet lol :biggrin:
  7. Yeah like the baby onesie. I showed my sis and she is like what's up with the cow w/the piercings? I said that is "mozarella". She is like for a baby uh no! :rolleyes:
  8. ha i guess when you hear mozzarella you think of least that i what i think of lol.. cow with piercings :lol: i didnt really even think about that, all i see is the gun haha oh well its not like the baby will know what it is..i bet they will just like it cuz its a cow lol