toki shirts and some hoodies on sale

  1. hi,

    i wandered into loehmann's in dt chicago on st. street and was surprised to find toki shirts and some hoodies on sale there. i picked up a blue latte shirt for myself. they had different kinds of shirts like a red one with a nurse on it, a black one with the face of momo on it, a blue haired girl with blue birds, a dark grey shirt with stars and skulls? and some others. for hoodies, they had a brown one with sandy on a swing surrounded by some other characters.

  2. I don't think we have that store in MN =[ and I hear about it too!

    How much did they cost?
  3. they ranged from 14.99 - 18.99. i didn't get a look at how much the hoodies cost tho.
  4. wow thanks! I'll have to check out the Loehmann's near me!
  5. There's a Loehmann's near me in Old Pas... I might have to go there and scout out the sale tokidoki apparel now!

    Thanks for the heads up.