toki regrets

  1. have you ever passed up on a tokidoki and regret it now, or sold a toki that you wished you never did...:crybaby:?

    Well, I have...My 2nd toki bag was a perfect AS dolce...I never knew anything about print placement and wasn't feeling (at the time) the white background and I sold it under retail :sad:.

    I MISS YOU AS DOLCE!:crybaby:
  2. yes!! i miss my inferno bella (which i just sold).. for a while i was missing my l'amore gioco too (because they aren't on eBay anymore, and i got mine for a decent price) but i'm happier with my zucca.

    i also kinda wish i hadn't sold my pirata caramella and denaro, as i have no caramellas presently. but it's not reasonable for me to have more than one or two denaros because they wouldn't get used much. (i only use the l'amore one even though i got a trasporto this week.)

    i have regretted selling my citta rosa pieces.. i sold a bv because i thought a campeggio would be better suited for me.. i had 2 campeggios but sold them both for a gioco, which i sold also once i bought a tutti gioco (which i also sold). i think i will be happy with the cr ciao ciao i'm supposed to be getting though.
  3. Definitely. Even though I have my perfect Pirata Stellina, I really regret selling my Pirata Zucca, which had the most amazing placement. I knew I was getting a Zucca in Trasporto and then found the Stellina (on sale), which I like a bit better style-wise, so I sold the Pirata Zucca. But I really wish I hadn't.

    I also sold an AS BV with amazing placement because I wasn't feeling the white and there are times I wish I had kept it. It was my first BV and I never even used it. I have a Spiaggia BV now that I love but I loved the placement on the AS.

  4. I regret that I let a Citta Rosa Zucca go on eBay for $150. I should have bid but was trying to control myself. Now I am trying to find good bags to see if I can trade on LJ for one.. And I also regret not bidding on a bag (wont say the style so it doesnt turn up on eBay for a lot more $$$) because I knew another tPF member wanted it. And she was outbid and didnt get it herself.. oh well maybe I'll find another one for a good price... :yes:
  5. ^^ Ah, was $150 the other bidder's max? Was it nice placement?

    I've scored some good deals, so I don't feel too bad about missing out. Except for this perfect Paradiso Ciao I saw the other day. I got to the post too late :sad:
  6. :push: i was bidding on a lot of toki toys but i woke up literally a minute to late to enter in a higher bid and i lost
  7. ^^ Yeah that was what it sold for and it had awesome placement.... Oh well.. I have gotten amazing deals on ebay so I can't complain either..:tup:
  8. I passed on amazing citta and citta rosa denaros :sad: and I wish I hadn't. I finally got a great CR zucca, but I keep wishing I had a matching denaro ^^;
  9. Awww...i just lost out on a toki bag by $1! It's ok, I really need to cut back.

    Yesterday they had a spiaggia bocce, current bid was like $26, with 10 minutes left, i was watching it and at the same time playing spades, I was so into the game that I forgot about the bocce...when i finally realized it, it was over and it sold for only $31. :crybaby: I guess it wasn't meant to be.

    Oh well...better luck next time.
  10. hehe, but maybe the max bid was something crazy & you would've gotten sucked into a bidding war..

    i agree, i looove my l'amore zucca. i still have yet to have a true ebay horror story. *crosses fingers* ;)
  11. I sold my tan PG bella and denaro for cheap on eBay way back when I didn't know anything about tan PG :sad:
  12. I totally regret not buy the Pirata BV at the store the other day. I thought I had too much Pirata prints and didn't need anymore. When i came back it was GONE. So sad...
  13. I need money so I am considering selling some of my Tokis, but I'm not sure I can do it. I am so afraid I will miss them and with prices only going up I won't be able to replace them. I am thinking I may not sell anything after all....what do you all think?
  14. i lost out on a gently used inferno zucca last week that sold for 192. my max bid had been 190 but this was all last minute and i hestitated on bidding higher and when i finally decided to go all out, i missed literally two seconds. i still wanna kill myself for that. :X
  15. I saw a really cute paradiso zucca that I'm starting to regret not getting... I might call up the store to see if they still have it. Except now I'm torn between that or a Vacanze zucca :push: I don't want to end up getting it and regretting not getting a Vacanze later... or the other way around! But there's no way I'd be able to afford both :sad: