Toki Prejudice

  1. Today my sister saw my newest toki lamore gioco bag and she asked how much it was and I told her it was only $70(!!!) and she looked at it and said "kinda much for a bag made out of nylon and manufactored in China.":sad: I tried to explain to her about the print, bagstyle and placement, but she said it wasn't worth it. She's a coach, LouieV fan so i don't expect her to understand.....

    Many of my friends just sniff at my bags and say that they are really "childlike" and "too-jap-a-cheesy":tdown: My husband only laughs at my love for tokidoki bags and so do a lot of other people..

    Has anyone else had to deal with this sort of toki prejudice?:s
  2. All the time, but I say eff them. I could honestly give a fakkkk what they think lol. I love tokidoki and that's enough for me. They just don't understand.
  3. happens to me all the time at work...lots of women at work who carry lv and coach and im the only one with tokidoki
  4. Wow. No, I haven't had to deal with that. One of my co-workers has a couple of tokidoki bags herself, an OP MM and Tan Playground MM or BV. And my other co-workers think they're cute.

    I think if anyone ever said "Jap-a-cheesy" to me, they'd be on the ground.
  5. My mom thinks it's a lot to pay for nylon and what not. Oh well she never understood me...even though I'm not especially complicated she just thinks I am. :smile: I like my tokidoki bag. I am a SAHM in the middle of suburbia (where people like me are 1% of the population) so I already get odd looks nevermind my bag but who tokidoki makes me happy.
  6. What's a SAHM?
  7. I don't know if anyones ever said anything like that to me. I like it. I don't give a **** what people think about me, they can go xxxxxxxx off. I think that it's really stupid for any one to say anything. It's our opinion, so why should they give a damn? Ugh, sorry for language, but after reading that post... It got me kind of angry at such people.:cursing:

    please watch your language, it's against our rules and we have 12 yr olds posting here. . .
  8. I say half the people who don't like toki will do so when they're long gone. like lamb bags :lol: so sucks to be them. Also you could always ask them what's so great about repeating letters on pieces of fabric and animal skin? if you want to be mean IMHO it's the aesthetic appeal plus its important significance and has nothing to do w/ what it's made of
  9. Stay at home mom. :smile:
  10. Luckily I've never experienced prejudice against my Tokis. My female friends all think the bags are cute and my male friends seem somewhat bemused by my obsession. I have experienced a prejudice against girls that spend a lot of money on bags. I actually got quite upset with one of my male friends who feels that girls who spend a lot of money on purses are shallow and are wasting their money. I pointed out that he just bought a new car and surf board, so he really had no right to be judge-y. People are going to buy what they want and wear what they want, who are people to say whether those choices are right or wrong? Toki is fun and makes me smile in the morning, so I'm going to wear it no matter what people think.
  11. I don't really get negative output for my love for toki's. The only thing I get is the whole "that's so EXPENSIVE" and "OMG HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE" commets and IF EVER anyone dissed me about my bags, I could care less what they think! I got my own style and whatever I feel like wearning, I'll wear it and rock with much :heart:.
  12. I've experienced this but I don't really care as long as I enjoy my bags and I am happy with them ;)
  13. Well, noone ever say something offending to me (yet) about toki bags, but I do get the 'its not worth it' look from many people, although they admit toki is cute and stuff. But personally, even they did say something, i wouldnt care about it. Its my bag, I chose it, I bought it, and I wear it...its none of other people's concern.

    and btw why your friend brought up 'manufactured in china' thing. I thought coach are manufactured in china too lol (at least thats what I heard)
  14. I have friends just like that!! The girls think it's cute and the guys think I have a mental problem. lol
  15. daaang :roflmfao: