toki phone charms?

  1. Are there such thing? I have a ton of hello kitty ones from Japan, but have searched high and low and havent seen any toki cell phone charms!
  2. I've never seen or heard of any toki ones, but that would be awesome. Tell Simone to get right on that!! :biggrin:
  3. LOL, i wish it were that easy! Can you imagine all the characters hanging off your phone...cactus friends, adios, etc, etc:drool::drool::drool::drool:
  4. that would be so adorable!!!!but.....i'd be staring at my phone all day at work... hmmm....haha
  5. idk when i have time im going to use the charms off my playground bracelet to make the keychains/cell charms :graucho:
  6. ^ I was thinking that as well...but I'm afraid it will scratch up my screen lmfao.
  7. here is one i made for myself!!


    lots of effort for such a little thing
  8. Pandanoir - Wow :nuts: did you MAKE the charm itself?? Thats so cute!! I'm thinking about using shrink plastic thingy to make my own stuff :lol:
  9. yes i made it mysel!!! thanks :smile:

    make them!!!!
  10. or you can make a small plush toki characters too. I am gonna work on that :p
  11. Juli, only you can make those! I would end up havin a big fabric blob! I would sooo order one off of you! Ur lil toki creations are the cutest things ever!!!!
  12. pandanoir: cute!!!!

    juli: yeah youre our plushy master :graucho:
  13. Pandanoir: The latte is soo cute !

    Aww...Thanks girls ! I dont really like to sew tho..Never mend my cloth myself, my mom or my younger sisters are the ones that mend my cloth for me.My mom even mend my hubby's clothes.
    I make some sanrio plushies too: hello kitty, litle twin stars, sanrio monkey (I dunno its name).I will have to post some pictures for you girls to see.
    The plushies really takes time to make cause you have to draw the pattern first before cutting up the felt. Then you have to cut up pattern for the eyes, Nose hearts pattern for the koi fishes then you have to sew & then stuff the plush doll.
  14. ooh did ya say sanrio monkey?? :graucho: i wanna see all your goodies!!! im :drool: already lol hahah! maybe i should try that one day..go to a craft store and buy a bunch of felts and "try" to make some..when i have time :sad: ..:lol:
  15. omg that latte charm is so cute! I'm going to try that today!!!