Toki Makeup by Smashbox

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  1. Have any of you guys tried their makeup line? If so, what do you have and how do you like it so far? I tried on the powdered blush for the first time today at Sephoras and I loooved it. Then I saw the 48 dollar price tag and was like :wtf: . Im debating whether or not I should get it. Its alot of money, but the color is sooo pretty and its Toki! :yes:
  2. I tried the 3 pc kit they offered on QVC. It has the eyeshadow quad, cheek tint and lip gloss. I sent it back. The lip gloss was too pale. I thought the eyeshadow compact was small and I don't wear eyeshadow hardly ever. The cheek tint was alright but I had something similar. So it ended up going back.

    I do have the lip gloss in the darker shade drammatica. So I at least have something. I haven't tried the powder blush.
  3. I haven't tried the powder blush either but I do have both of the eyeshadow quads and I :heart: :heart: :heart: them. I don't wear eyeshadow every day but it's nice for a change. The colors are really light so it's a nice hint of color. I think they'll be great for the summer. I also have the stupid nana star/stellina mirror...I haven't used it yet...I think I actually hate it but I HAD to have it!! :lol:

    I didn't realize that the powder blush was that much $$$. Is that the purple-ish looking one w/the tokidoki logo on the blush? I've never tried that...but WOW...they're proud of that blush!!
  4. Wow! I didnt even think of trying on the eyeshadows because I usually dont wear any, but I think ill head down there tomorrow and try them out! Yeah, its the purply pink blush with the toki logo and a lil cute brush. But 48 dollars? That sucks! Ur right Jen, the mirror is a bit hard to press to open. That metal tab kinda hurts my finger when I press it to open. I like it too, but 30 bucks? Arrgh, they are making sooo much money off of toki lovers! In my head, I think "48 dollars is like one third a amore zucca"...thats why Im cheaping out hahah
  5. i like the lip glosses, smashbox makes lovely lip glosses! i do not trust them for eye shadows, tho so you're better off without them if you want to downsize the tokidoki goodness ;P i have both quads -- too sheer, not pigmented.

    the glosses i love! i have both as well.
    i like dolcissima becuz it is a perfect sparkly nude lip color.
    drammatica, you can find a similar color elsewhere. it's a bright pink sapphire color :smile:

    i am a collector of limited edition cute/sparkly items so i think i'll be getting the lip/cheek tint as well. just remember this stufft is Limited!! much like the tokidoki purses, so grab it while you can!
  6. I don't think it's cheaping out by not buying it...for a few more bucks you can have a caramella which I'd way rather have than some makeup that's going to run out eventually, you know? Unless you can't live without the blush, I wouldn't buy's just too much.

    I figured when the eyeshadows run out I can pop that portion of the compact out and use the cute little mirror and keep advil in there or something...pills...I don't know but i figured I'll find a use for it when it's empty. IMO the mirrors on the eyeshadows are waaaay cuter than the stellina mirror that I just HAD to have!! :nuts:

  7. I know!! and what is so crazy is that we all dont :heart: the mirror, but three of us bought it anyways!! We are addicted!! I have the lipgloss, i really like it (dolccisma)and one of the eye quads and the mirror.
  8. the first thing i thought when i saw the makeup line was "that would all look so great in a citta rosa carmellina!" lol! I only got the lip gloss though, I forget which one its called, it's like a darkish pink. I didnt care for the eyeshadows because they come in colors I wouldnt normally wear. The shimmer tint looked too green on my skin & the blush was too pink.
  9. i was thinking of scoring the eyeshadow for the mirror..but i think it costs too much for me to buy it..i rarely use a mirror anyway..but man it soo darn cute!
  10. Hah, I just bought the mirror. So cute. I have yet to use it but will find a use for it at some point.
  11. I was JUST thinking I needed a new mirror in my purse. I used to have one but I lost it...FOR SURE I'm going to get the tokidoki mirror!!
  12. i really want the mirror too, but i can't think of the last time i actually used a mirror in my purse! i think i just want it because it's Tokidoki, but i think that's one thing i could do without.

    the eye shadow quad w/the pink & purple is fabulous tho. i use it everyday & the color shows up well on me at least. the darker pink lip gloss, i have, i use that all the time too. it's a really pretty color.
  13. where did you guys buy your mirrors? I want one but I don't want to use eBay if it's too expensive :smile:
  14. Oh, they usually sell the mirrors at sephora, ulta, Nordstroms. You can usually find discount codes to use on sephoras website. Ulta has coupons everyweek, but I dont think it applies to Smashbox beause its one of those higher end cosmetics line. Hope this helps and its 32 bucks without tax :s
  15. thanks for the info! :smile: I'll have to check it out next time I go to Nordstroms!