toki lovers - how old are you?

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  1. it occurred to me that others may think it odd that i'm 30 and still rocking a bag covered with crazy drawings, but here i am! i even bought the new short-sleeve latte hoodie.

    how old is everyone? am i the only one over the age of 25?
  2. No you are not the only one over 25. A lot of us are over 25 here, some are married and some have kids. I am 27, plus my mom is 56 and she rocks her Tan PG BV. We are just :supacool:. hehe
  3. I am 38 and LOVE tokidoki! My best friend is 37 with 3 kids and rocks her Paradiso backpack everyday.
  4. im 19 :huh:! 20 in december
  5. I'm a 35 year old mother of four who plans to never grow up!

  6. I'm glad someone finally started this! I've been wondering what the age groups on here are too!

    I'm 26 myself and I'm at that stage where I'm starting to question myself whether I should start looking like my age rather than being mistaken for a 18 yr old.:rolleyes: Feels good to know that you can't be too old to rock the toki!
  7. 31 here and 2 kids!!! I won't stop loving tokidoki!!!
  8. I'm 29 soon to be 30 :amazed: and I :heart: my toki!! My mom also rocks her toki and she's 57! :graucho:
  9. I'm 25 and I think you're never too old to wear Toki! Have not yet converted my mum, but I'm working on it (she is 59)!
  10. 33 here
  11. 25, 26 August 30th, and I see it as awesome and versatile for any age, my mom who is 64 wants one, which will be her x-mas gift, and my sister who is 40 has one, I think it's great because it's a product that makes anyone have fun, regardless of age.
  12. I'm 18! :biggrin: Not 19 until Marccch :sad:
  13. I will be 36 next month and have 2 kids. I have never been so addicted to anything before in my whole entire life until my first toki bag 4 months ago! I just bought my 11th toki today. :yahoo:
  14. I'm 35 and have a soon to be 15 year son Mason . I started my passion for Tokidoki when Paradiso came out in 2006 . I was expecting and had my son Mason that year. So the Paradiso print is very special to me with the baby print and all ! That is the print I tend to collect more . In fact all my bags have to have the placement with the little boy painting the rainbow with the pink haired girl . The little boy reminds me of my son Mason from the very full head of black hair , big eyes , and my son has the very same two strands of hair that stick out in the back of his head . (He was born with two cow licks at the back of his head !) So when the Transporto print came out I noticed that very same little boy pumping gas with over-alls .(Which my son wears !) I must have him at the front of all my bags .
  15. i'm 20...soon to be 21 in OCTOBERRRR WOOOHOOOOOO!! I'M SO PSYCHED. i keep telling my boyfriend that Vacanze would be a really really really nice 21st bday gift hahahaha ;]