Toki jewlery questions

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  1. Does anyone know how long the chains are on the Toki enamel necklaces?

    Also, anyone have the release date for the Toki/Hello Kitty line?

  2. On the enamel necklaces, the chains are quite long, 24". I had to do a little surgery on mine to get it down to around 18". Otherwise, it hung way too low to see above the neckline of a scoop neck shirt. If you are in to wearing necklaces outside your clothes, though, it would work.
  3. Yep, I have the logo enamel necklace and it's about 24"- I like them long because I like to layer them.

    I think the HK collabo is due out in December 2007
  4. i don't think they're too long at all
    i have like, three and they're all different sizes
    so that if you wear more than one, it looks nice

    no tokidoki necklaces have the same chain lengths
    they're all different, but they're all good sizes for anyone, trust me
  5. O:huh:...i want a toki necklace now! how does it hold up? what is it made from? just don't want it to rust...

  6. it holds up great =]
    not cheap quality at all

    its made up of sterling silver, enamel
    and some pieces have stainless steel
  7. They're like average long necklace designer hip thingi mah bob out there that everyone is wearing now... I haven't taken it into water yet but they seem like they don't discolor and stuff :smile: I think other people who have had them longer could answer that question... actually I think there might be one thread that does :shrugs: dunno where it went tho we post so fast on here :lol: