Toki in Texas?

  1. ne one at all??? knw where i could get a toki in texas or can those of u in texas tell me where u got urs??? im down in south west texas i have one toki but thats because i bought it online... o yea n have there been any amore sitings in texas???? I WOULD LOVE U ALL FOREVER IF U COULD ANSWER ME!!!! thanks in advance!!!
  2. Have you called the Macys or Nordstroms stores?
  3. i called Nordstroms n they said they didnt carry it :sad: NE ONE EVEN IN A STATE CLOSE TO TEXAS WHO COULD TELL ME WHERE THEY GOT THIERS??
  4. eBay. And Pulse.
  5. thnks
  6. I live in Houston, and you can get bags at any Metropark store. Check and look for the one nearest you and call them. Either that or eBay it like I do!! LoL
  7. Thanks
  8. can you find tokidoki at the metropark in the galleria?