Toki in Japan?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I need help. a friend of mine is going to Japan (Kyoto, Okayama, Hiroshima, Tokyo) next month...

    does anyone know where the best places to find toki?
    Are the prices higher there than here in the US?
    Are there older prints like tan playground, foresta, or citta rosa?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I can't help you with where to find tokidoki or what prints they have... but I can tell you it's WAY more than US retail. I think it's about double the price in Japan, which is why they all come here to Hawaii to buy it. All name brand bags are almost double price in Japan as opposed to the US. You should see the tourists in our boutiques buy buy buy because it's way cheaper for them. A lot of Japanese women actually save their money up to come to Hawaii SPECIFICALLY to buy designer things because it's cheaper for them here.

    Your friend will have fun in Japan... I miss it and the food!! I haven't been back in about 6 years...
  3. oh really...thanks for the info maya...maybe i'll just have her get me something else.
  4. I'm leaving for Tokyo on July 4th & I definitely already checked prints & pricing a while ago - wayyyyyyyyyy more than US prices! :sad: oh well... Guess you're better off with eBay & the outlets... :shrugs:
  5. I go to Japan every year, and from what I've seen, its virtually impossible to find a toki there. They sell out really quickly and I've never even seen one at a department store yet... sorry to burst your bubble!
  6. I've actually saw some Tokidoki bags at Narita airport's new duty free shops. The selection was VERY limited (like only a few bags) when I was there last month, so I don't know what would be left, but it's worth taking a look. I saw some other LeSportsac displays when I was shopping in Japan but saw no Tokidoki either...
  7. thanks for the replies...i'm trying to think of other stuff she can get for me now. any suggestions?
  8. If you like Sanrio stuff, there are a lot of things that are sold exclusively in Japan and not in the US... When I used to live there and would go back to visit a lot I'd buy exclusive things because no one else would have it. But then again, I would find about half the things I've bought several years down the line as just coming out in the US.

    If you're wanting clothing, it'll be difficult because Japanese sizing is totally different from the US. I have a 36DD chest and there wasn't a single trendy store I could buy something from. I'd have to look in the old, frumpy, XL women's section - no way!!
  9. ugh! thats what im most worried about in japan - cuz i heard most shoe stores only carry up to size 7 and ive got sasquatch feet :sad:
  10. clothes would be nice...but maybe sanrio. i :heart: sanrio. my auntie went to japan last month and said that she saw a lot of women with toki.
  11. you can find toki bag at japan tokyo airport. ( duty free )
    I seen its last years. but too expensive for small purse.
  12. if this years I am going back home ( bangkok ) will stop at japan or korea. I will buy one. but My friend is japanese she has bussiness trip to japan every 2 weeks. Will ask her to buy one if she back japan.
  13. Good News!! Surprise!! My husband just call me from his work. He will go bussiness trip at Japan. Yes!! He can buy me a toki bag. I cant go with him!! He will going in 20 July.
  14. oh how exciting. let us know the details. i guess i'll just have to wait and see.
  15. Some tokidoki collection at japan site here.