Toki in France?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a neaw fan of toki things (purses, necklaces and t-shirts...). I wonder if there are some Toki sellers in France?


  2. They sell the necklaces, bags (not lesportsac), and toys in Europe. However they don't sell the LeSportsac toki bags in Europe, unfortunatly :[
  3. thanks Laura.... So I will continue my e-shopping!!
  4. I don't think you can get them in France but your best bet is to drive to Italy! Or get it off eBay.
  5. Full Tokidoki collection is available in Italy. Bags Simone created with Toki characters a couple of years before his collaboration with LeSportsac, can be bought from Spain. They're canvas usually pink bags with black trimmings and bows.
  6. Oh man! Do you know any specific places in Rome, Florence, or Barcelona where they sell toki? I'm going to Europe in the spring as part of a 2 week student-exchange thing and I'm super interested in finding toki they don't have in the states :biggrin:
  7. The only Italy store is in Milan, its fashion capital. As for Spain, you need to email they're quite friendly. I was told by an eBay seller that they have tokidoki bags original collection (not Lesportsac) in Spain. I'm not familiar with Spain sorry. Bear in mind Lesportsac tokis are going to cost you more than in US which has the lowest prices in the world. The Euro exchange rate is higher, and so is the value added tax. One reason why Europeans get their tokis from US eBay sellers.
  8. Thanks for the answers!!! I will try to go to Italy!!
  9. chipmunk- thank you so much. I'll keep that in mind when I go, and maybe I'll find some Europe-only bags and post them here :biggrin:
  10. your welcome, i am also confined to eshopping!