Toki in Cape May?

  1. So I just moved here and my roommate and I went to this little shopping area in Cape May yesterday. I'm carrying my Inferno gioco around with me when I spot a girl with what looked like a Spiagga Stellina! It looked really cute on her, too. Since i never see Toki anywhere in NJ, I got really excited and showed my boyfriend. And of course it made me want something Spiagga but only for the super-cute UNICORN.. I don't really like the beachy stuff (funny that I live here). I wish Simone would put that unicorn on something else...

    Anyway, I thought I'd share my sighting with you guys because it made me happy to see more Tokidoki out there... and maybe the girl is a tPF member! :supacool:
  2. ooh cool!! toki sightings are always fun .. even if you're the only one to be excited about it. Everytime I spot one and point .. the people I'm with just roll their eyes .. lmao :biggrin:

    the other day when I left work a girl with a l'amore stellina walked past me and then I went to get a haircut and a girl with a citta rosa stellina walked past the salon. I think I gave my stylist a heart attack ... oh and off topic but I hate my new cut and can't wait for my hair to grow out :push:
  3. thx for sharing the toki sighting- it fun to see them out and about- but I hate to see fakes! :cursing: