Toki Hoodie Happiness!

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  1. I'm not as big of a fatty as I thought!

    I purchased the storm hoodie in XL and it's sort of roomy on me!

    I recommend this hoodie. It may be 80 degrees, but I'm wearing it :smile:
  2. congrats on your hoodie!!...arent you hot wearing it??
  3. central air.
  4. it's pretty thin,right? but i like that.
    i got that hoodie in M & it's HUGE for me! [well,maybe not quite huge, but baggier than i expected] but so lovely..hehe
  5. congrats....
  6. it's thinner but made pretty well, i'm excited about it. i have horrible size issues with clothes because every brand and style can be cut so dramatically different.
  7. congrats on your hoodie! :] yay, a happy purchase LOL
  8. Woohoo!!! It fits! I was hoping it would, you did see the pic of me and my huge belly fitting into it, right?! hahhahaha
  9. aww hehe. yea but i'm still chubby!!! I just used to be real chubby so I have a strange hang up about clothes.
  10. oh congrats on your hoody! post pix! =) i luv hoodies!!!
  11. which hoodie did you get???
  12. duh...says "storm hoodie" on the first thread!!

    Congrats!! I want that one but I already have lattes and the chief!!
  13. Yeah, we were sitting upstairs and I still had mine on and it was hot! But so cute. Now I'm trying to hunt down the blue flowers hoodie in L. but to no avail. Help!
  14. I've seen the blue one around... I just can't remember exactly where :sweatdrop: If I see it in the future I'll let you know tho!
    oh, everything BUT large :sad: doesn't list size..>?!
    maybe japanla?
    sorry,i'm no help