Toki for a trip?

  1. Hey all! This is my first thread in the toki forum :smile:

    In any case, I'm going on a trip to NY and my mother just called me to ask me what I'd be carrying around the majority of the time. On our last trip together I took my MC speedy, and while it isn't the heaviest bag in the world, the weight wouldn't let me be at my swiftest either. So she suggested I get a new Toki to take on the trip since they are fun and light weight.

    Can you guys suggest styles that would be good to carrying around as an everyday bag on a vacation? I guess just something that would fit everything yet not get in the way when I'm at attractions or wherever.

    Also, whats the cutest print out right now?

    Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. I think messenger style bags like the stellina or ciao will be suggested, but I don't like messenger styles so I'd recommend the mamma mia or the bella bella. To me, the cutest print out right now is the Spiaggia but you have to get the "right" placement because there are sections that aren't so cute...
  3. Do you have pics? Sorry, I'm a toki noob!
  4. I don't have any pix of the Spiaggia mamma mia... I have that print in the zucca. I'm sure you could go on e-bay and find some to look through? For the bella bella, they only made those the first two seasons of prints...
  5. As a New Yorker, I'm gonna recommend the zucca. You can put a lot in it, but it wears close to the body - which is great on the streets or in the trains. Also, it has a zip pocket on the outside, which is a handy place for essentials that you don't want to lose (metrocard, lipbalm, fold-up map). The Mamma Mia and Buon Viaggio have mesh pockets, but I'd be very cautious about putting anything in them that you wouldn't want lifted or accidentally falling out. On you can see the shapes and measurements, although the reference threads here are better to get a sense of how they look on the body. :smile:
  6. How about this one?

    For some reason I'm drawn to the shape.

    Outpt: Good point about the pocket, last time I was in NY someone tried to steal something from us, luckily my x was an athletic guy and scared the guy into dropping the item and running. I'm looking forward to being in the big city again though, despite the crime.
  7. The zucca is great too!! It's my favorite bag!!

    The gioco is a nice bag, but a lot of people say they have a hard time getting in and out of that bag. The lining also moves around...
  8. you can look on the lesportsac website for a shape that you might like
  9. I have a gioco and the lining does move. I wouldn't recommend it for getting things in and out fast (but maybe it makes pick-pocketting harder). The Zucca is a style I would recommend. I have it and it is nice and has a great shape. If you want something smaller, then maybe a stellina or a bambinone (when the straps are shortened they look like nice little hand bags). Otherwise, a bella is another good one too.
  10. Thanks for the info! That is why I wanted to ask you guys rather than just browse the site or even visit the boutique before asking here. I'd have never known these things. Well, unless my little sister's SA is super informative, but I don't want to take that chance since I've never met him.

    What is a good print to look for on the hearts design? Or is it just personal preference? I really like those catfish looking things starting at each other, and sharks, not sure if there are the sharks on it though. I made sure I had a whole bunch of sharks on my pirata.
  11. The Gioco is a big floppy bag. Don't get me wrong I like it (I have two) but it's definitely not what you are describing you need!

    I'd go with a Bambinone (I have four) and it's my go-to bag when I need to carry a lot but don't want something the size of the Zucca. If you think the Bambinone will be too small then take a look at the Zucca.

    (Since you are new to toki I wont' feel bad pointing out that there are two bags similarly named.. the Bambino is really small, the Bambinone is the one I am talking about, it's much larger)

    My choice of print for a summer vacation? Amore!
  12. ^I'll definitely have a look at those! Thank you for the advice :smile:
  13. eh, I'd go against the smaller bags (bella, bambinone, stellina). If you're going to be out on the town, I'd want something a bit bigger. Buon Viaggio for a shoulder style or Corriere for a messenger style. One of my must haves for being out and about is to have a bottle of water (or two) and maybe even an umbrella. The smaller bags will not fit those things.
  14. I am also looking for a tokidoki bag for an upcoming trip to Prague. I plan to walk around ALOT and dining at outdoors cafes etc. I have finally decided on a bambinone for the following reasons:
    1 - on my last trip I had a large messenger style bag which I could also wear as a purse on my shoulders. By day 2, my shoulders were sore for lugging around a big purse.
    2 - I need something I can keep close to my body even while eating outside. With a small messenger I can keep it across my body and on my lap.
    3 - Bambinone can go from day to night. Messenger style during the day and shorten shoulder bag for night.

    All you really need is a bag big enough to carry the essentials. But that ofcourse that varies from person to person LOL!

    Oh the Stellina is a good alternative. Messenger style and teeny bit bigger then the Bambinone. I have one and may use that for my trip if I don't find a bambinone with the perfect placement.
  15. Campeggio is nice too because you can shorten or lenghten the strap to wear it different ways.