Toki experts, I need your help please

  1. Hi everyone, I bought this Tokidoki a while ago. Can anyone tell me the name of it and the name of the print?

    I tried searching the collection threads but couldn't find this item. I also looked on but they didn't have it either, and that's where I bought it from. Thanks!



    Thanks everyone :tup:
  2. i am not an expert, but i know that is the first & original print. it came out in spring 2006. but i have never seen that style before. tokidoki blog has a great bag archive.
  3. Thanks so much! I will check out those links.
  4. Aww lucky! I've been looking for the Angioletto for awhile! Great find! Did you buy it for the original price too?
  5. Ooh. That is just beautiful.
  6. I did. I bought it from the LeSportsac website when it first came out, so it's been a while. I think it's the cutest thing, but have never used it.
  7. Yes. It also should have come with a pink Dalek qee and a decorative green ball chain.
  8. Ok thanks. I'll have too look for those things. I just don't remember it having that strap, but then it was over a year ago, LOL. Thanks for all the info!
  9. Lucky you! Angiolettos go for ridiculous prices now. I've even been willing to pay a slightly ridiculous price for one that doesn't even have a strap or a qee, and I simply can't find one! They're definitely rare...
  10. ^ So true!

    Last time I saw it on eBay, it went for over $100 excluding s/h! I just wanted one for my camera haha, but I guess a porta would do for it!
  11. You're so lucky! It's gorgeous! :tup:
  12. Beautiful! I've been looking for one of those..great find!:love: