Toki Design Flaws?

  1. OK, everytime I use my Gioco, it bugs me that the carabiner on the stretch-cord is in the small pocket where you couldn't possibly lose anything instead of in the great big main compartment, where it would be really helpful to use to fish something out of there.

    Is there anything about the design of any of the Toki styles that bugs you?:wtf:
  2. i was thinking the same thing when i got my gioco, i was like, "OH it doesnt have the caribener" then i opened the pocket and was like "um, why are u in here??" I agree, its such an awkward place to put it!
  3. I agree!! I don't like it there because that's where I put my cell phone and I don't want the metal scratching my screen...

    And speaking of design flaws and gioco, I don't like the fact that the lining isn't attached to the outer fabric so it all just bunches down and it's just a sea of nylon!! And I wish the zipper went the other way, because I wear it on my right shoulder and I have to reach all the way behind me to unzip (which I don't do, I just put it down or something).

    I don't know if there's any other styles that I see "flaws" in... but I only like and have a select few styles in the first place. I'm not a fan of majority of the styles. Oh, but I guess they could've made more credit card slots in the denaro!! And they should have made a checkbook wallet that zips all the way around!! I'd buy those in a heartbeat!!
  4. I totally should definitely be in the bigger part of the bag! :wtf:

    I have an issue w/the ciao & ciao ciao...I don't like that the cell phone pocket on both those bags is on the left side...totally favoring a right-handed person. When I wear either my ciao or ciao ciao across my body I have to struggle to even find the pocket. It's so frustrating. :cursing:
  5. The bambinone - the straps can't be shorten enough to wear it snugly under the arm, the zipper goes the other way round (right to left) making it awkward unzipping the bag.
  6. i agree with the "GIOCO" and the carabiner being in the front. When I first got my L'amore Gioco, i though it didn't come with it. The front is a weird place to put it, plus my keys are bulky and makes it all puffy. I too, put my cell in the front zipper pocket, because forget about fishing for it inside, you'd miss the call before you got the phone.

    Also, I LOVE my Inferno Bambino but 1 problem I have, i don't know if it's just my bag, but when you adjust the strap it doesn't stay. Maybe my bags is just too heavy?? I would love if the bambinone could shorten more.
  7. the denaro - too small for most of the bags! I have a very hard time finding it in my mamma mia and couldn't imagine if I had a bigger bag like a bv or zucca. I wish they made a checkbook sized wallet so you had a choice.

    as far as the caribiner is concerned, I wish they were detachable inside the purse as well. So if you didn't want it in there, you could take it out instead of it just being in the way!
  8. Ugh, the Bambinone is one big design issue to me. The bag isn't very ergonomic for a cross-body adjustable strap bag-- it sort of juts out away from your body instead of staying at your side. And the straps on most of the Tokidoki bags are way too wide and don't have traction-- they're slippery and just slip off the shoulder. I'm hoping the Bella Bella I have coming in the mail won't have this problem (hobo design bags are usually easy to carry), but I'm skeptical. Anyway, I'm going to unload my Bambinone on eBay soon because the way this bag handles totally bugs me.
  9. Even though people have posted remedies, I don't like the way the bottom sags on my Buon Viaggio. I did put a piece of cardboard in the bottom, but now that is all bent out of shape. I need to go search out a sturdy piece of cardboard, but why should I have to have to make adjustments to a $160.00 nylon bag. O.K., glad I got that off of my chest. :cursing: I also never really got the Gioco, it just never seemed to lay right when I would try it on in the store.
  10. Hmmm... I've never had a traction problem with the straps on my shoulder...
  11. My remedy was a piece of plastic cut to the size of the bottom of the BV... because I know cardboard will eventually bend.
  12. I have the traction problem if my bag isn't heavy enough, it slides right off my shoulder :cursing::cursing::cursing: sooooo annoying!! Especially since I've been trying to cut back on what I carry and when it's empty it's super annoying!!!
    Bella Bella stays on my shoulder the best! I think that's my absolute favorite toki style hands down!
  13. I didn't realize the bambino had an adjustable strap :confused1:
  14. Me neither, but I think she's talking about the Bambinone. Also, the Bella really looks too much like a banana when full. :p
  15. Oh :push: thanks!!! Duh!!! I didn't realize.
    :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:@ banana!! Maybe you need a bella bella ... it definitely doesn't look like a banana when full!