toki at mall of america?

  1. Can anyone tell me if there are any stores at the mall of america that carry Toki stuff? I am going to a wedding in North Dakota, and my brother wants to drive the 19hours up to it. So I told him I"d drive with him but only if we can stop at the Mall of America (thinking that there has to be some toki there). So can anyone tell me what stores I need to run to, so that i"m not wasting my time going into old lady handbag stores & them looking at me like I"m crazy when I ask for Toki? Thanks!!
  2. Yay! I can finally help someone! Toki is really hard to find here in Minnesota, but I live like 30 minutes from the MOA and I have found a couple places that do carry it. Bloomingdales is going to be your number one spot. Right now they are still carrying select L'amores and quite a few Spiaggas. Once in a while Urban Outfitters while carry a few, but I haven't seen any there in a while. You can always <i>try</i> Macy's, but I only had luck there once. Let me know if I can help you with anything else and good luck!! Have fun at the wedding! ^_^
  3. It sounds like a neat place to visit, any other stores that are just downright cool to go to, or stuff to see in there? I'll have to hit up the big stores it sounds like..
  4. Well some of my favorite shops to visit there are Urban Outfitters, Delias, Hot Topic, and The Afternoon.

    Honestly though, there are soooo many shops there and a lot of them you can find really cool stuff at. Visiting the mall entirely could take an entire weekend to do. lol A lot of them you'll find to be your run-of-the-mill shops that appear in many malls and you'll notice that there will be like 2, 3, and sometimes 4 of the exact same shop. Just on different levels!! lol

    There are all sorts of neat places to eat inside as well though. Like the Rainforest cafe... Really cute for adults and for kids as well. Ikea is located right next to the MOA too. All kinds of super cute, modern, and inexpensive furnature and decorating stuff for your home! Hope that helps! ^_^
  5. My sister and I took a girl trip up there a couple years ago. Fun place!! If toki was in back then, i would have been hunting too!
  6. I really want to visit MOA one of these days. It's just difficult convincing my husband to take a trip to Minnesota for a mall.:nogood: But maybe I'll wear him down eventually.
  7. If I don't go to Mall of America before I get married, I'm going there as part of my honeymoon!! I live in Hawaii where everyone comes to honeymoon... so I might as well go in the opposite direction for my honeymoon! *lol*
  8. Bloomies has bags, metropark has bags and clothing, demo has clothing.