Toki at Loehman's

  1. Don't know if anyone posted this already as I don't frequent this forum, but I was at Loehman's (the one in Mt. Laurel, NJ) this weekend, and they had a ton of Toki bags there. They were about 25%-30% off retail price, and there were about 15 bags there. Again, I don't collect toki, so I don't know the print names but they had all different styles and prints.

    If you have a Loehman's near you, it might be worth the trip.

    Hope this helps someone out.:heart:
  2. Thank you jilly! :yes:
  3. I went to the Loehmann's in Beverly Hills, CA, today and they had 1 Citta Scuola, 2 Arancia Mamma Mia's and 4 Arancia Zucco's. Some were missing Qee's, though, and some had the Qee's. When questioned, the saleswoman merely said that they couldn't control people taking the Qee's so if the bag doesn't have it, tough luck.
  4. hey, thats great that you let us know about a toki sighting and you don't even collect tokis! thanks! thats sweeeeet. damn, wish i had a loemanns! <just like Fran Fine said: if ya can't buy it now, they'll have it at loemaaaaaaannnnnns! (avec a nasely voice)> :p
  5. I never even considered Loehmans, I drive by all the time- I will have to check it out and report back to you guys