toilette 19 and cosmetic case 15.. help

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  1. anyone have pictures of these that would give me some sort of idea of how they actually look IRL, it's so hard to tell the actual size on elux. also, if you have any pictures or could just tell me how much stuff you carry in either one.. it would be really helpful :yes:

  2. I'm wondering about this too b/c I need one!
  3. me too! :smile:
  4. I have the 15 will dig up a pic.

    1. 3 lipgloss
    2. 10x loop
    3. tape measure
    4. nail clipper
    5. hand lotion
    6. lip pencil
    7. sunglass wipes
    8. paper clip
    9. safety pin
  5. [​IMG]
  6. eeeeee! nice!
  7. A little OT, but is this your favorite handbag, pinki? Because I see you with this one all the time. :yes:
  8. WOW! i had no idea so much would fit into something that looks so small. thanks so much for your help. :smile:
  9. ^^Yeah...:shame: This is my knock around bag. Anything I buy new will sit in their dustbag for a minimum of 1 year or 2 before I'll ever take out to use. Plus I'm lazy to take pics of transfering things to my new bags. It's also hard since I been nursing dh who's been in the hospital for 6 weeks. Don't want to sleep in the hospital with my new bags.:shrugs:
  10. It's really small 6"x4"x1", KamiD. But most of my things are travel size except for the loop and nail clipper.
  11. I have the toilette 15 and the cosmetique. I can post pics of both if you'd like. I use the cosmetique for makeup and the 15 for receipts, gift cards, etc. I can also put my Treo on there too if I'm using a bag that does not have a cell phone holder. Let me know if you want pictures.
  12. yah, noticed the deminsions on elux.. but it's so difficult to tell how much will actually fit into the bag just from the model pictures on the website. i'm just looking to keep a few things in there that i don't want floating around in my bag.. lip gloss, lotion, etc.

    i'll probably end up getting both the 15 and 19 actually :graucho:

    thanks again for your help!
  13. i would love to see pictures of your cosmetique - i was also looking into getting one of those. like i said in my last post.. it's so hard to tell what will actually fit into the bags just by looking at the pictures on elux :s
  14. ^^I'm also getting the 19 too since my new bag has no pockets. I measure the pocket in my old bag which is the same size as the 19. Definitely need to organize.
  15. I'll post pictures when I get back home tonight.