Toilets: Does anyone have a "washlet" or similar?

  1. FI and I are building, and have to decide among all the various fixtures and appliances. We recently ate at an italian restaurant that had a Toto washlet, and I was so fixated on it I stayed in the bathroom too long! (it was fun, but don't get the wrong idea, not THAT much fun:angel:).

    Anyway, these are quite expensive, but I've always liked the idea of a bidet, although I've never owned one. This "washlet" had the front and rear water sprays, dryer, and heated seat. One can supposedly just get a lid/cover that provides some of the same features , though I'd wonder how the heck the spray is directed.

    If anyone has any experiences or knows of their reliability I'd love to hear about it.
  2. I have a bidet, it attaches itself under the lid. There's a temperature gauze, a pressure gauze, and a "wash" or "bidet" feature.

    I would prefer the washlet toilet, a heating and drying feature is great.:wlae:
  3. Between fellow PF members and me, i've always wanted one of these toilets...(shhhh!):blush:

    But yeah i have heard they're expensive!!! some are up to $1000!
  4. I've never tried one. Does the water that sprays at you come from the toilet? :confused1:
  5. I dont have a washlet, in fact I had to look it up because I wasnt sure what it was lol. But all our bathrooms have a bidet in them, seperate from the toilet.
  6. I had a seperate bidet in my own bathroom in my old house. I recently priced a similar toto toilet for our addition, again my own bathroom. I think it was $3500.00 (I found out recently his plumber has been overcharging me, so this might be my price rather than MSRP lol)
    I told the plumber I'm never happy with first generation products so I would probably wait till they got the problems worked out in a couple of years.
    I find it odd that they would have one of these in a public restroom.
  7. I don't have one myself, but got to try one out when I stayed at a hotel in Tokyo. (Washlet has been around at least for 15+ years there.) It took a little while to get used to how it works, but I liked it. The seat was nicely warm, you can controll the water tempareture, direction and such, and it definetely cleans you well. I'd love to have one too.
  8. We had one in our house in Japan. I was preetty neato except people would spray the ceilinbg with water all the time.
  9. I didn't know they could spray that high up! Makes me wanna try it now. :roflmfao:

    Anyways, there's a Japanese restaurant near me that has a washlet in the women's bathroom. The men don't get one.
  10. That is actually the ballpark price, looking online, I think it could be had $1000 less, depending on the model. This was actually a very nice restaurant in Hawaii, so I guess it makes sense that something that's been in Japan for awhile would make it over there first.

    I've always wanted a bidet, but this (I think) is a perfect compromise especially when there are space considerations. We're seriously thinking about was so nice (and warm!!!).
  11. Oh yeah! Turn the thing on full blast and it would hit ceiling. LOL. People would always be like, whats this?? and then spray. Or it would hit them in the face.
  12. Is a washlet like a bidet?

    Bidets freak me out. There is just something about water coming up out of something that people go to the bathroom in and spraying up into my girlie parts that makes me gag.
  13. No I don't but this reminds me of a hilarious experience on my first trip to Japan. I could not work out how to flush the toilet so started to press all the little buttons on the side of it (which had Japanese writing and I couldn't read!), while having my head too close to the seat. Next thing I know I am being sprayed with water and my face and hair were totally soaked. At the time I was so embarrassed as I was staying with a family and came out of the toilet looking like a wreck, but now I have a good ol laugh about it!!!
  14. LOL. The same kinda thing happenend with my grandparents friends microwave in Belgium. LOL.

  15. That's what I find so odd. My bidet no one used except me. JMO I think they are so personal, that they shouldn't be in a public restroom.