Toiletry pouches discontinued?

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  1. I called my nearest store today (Queenstown, New Zealand) to order toiletry pouches in size 19 & 26 and was told there are no more available and they are likely being discontinued. Has anyone heard anything in regards to this and if it's true whether they're being replaced by something else? I already have the size 15 and was wanting to get the set of three. I noticed on the Australian website that you can't purchase the larger two sizes online anymore either.
  2. which ones are those? do u have pics?
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    They are on the US and French websites. I haven't heard this. I want a 15 so I hope not! They just came out with those new LE toiletry pouches so I can't see them discontinuing them. Can you website and call the toll free number? Items will say check availability when stock is low but sometimes they get new stock.
  4. I doubt they are discontinued.
  5. I doubt these are going away. I have the 26 and plan to get the 15 soon.
  6. I can't see LV going through the effort to produce LE versions for an item about to be discontinued. The availability seems to depend on the country and it would be my guess that they've just run out and are waiting on more to be made.
  7. Sorry, to specify it was the monogram canvas I was after for both. It seemed odd to me that something like this would be discontinued but I wondered if it may be something to do with the design being changed slightly.
  8. It could be a possibility. I know that LV has had to make several changes to the vuittonite lining before, so maybe something like that has slowed down production and distribution.
  9. I was at the Queen Street store yesterday and there were also no pouches on hand. I ordered one of the Jungle print pouches that is being sent from the Singapore warehouse.

    Another option is to call Client Services in Australia and ask them to transfer one to NZ if there are any available (I've done this before despite some SA's saying it's not possible).
  10. Thanks, I was in Australia last week so a little annoyed at myself that I didn't pick them up there, but the exchange rates were not great so decided to wait til I got home. Will try that though.
  11. When I called my local store, the SA said that LV is making some changes to them so production has slowed down.

  12. I find that buying in Australia is always cheaper because you get your tax back (prices are usually cheaper than we get duty free here).
  13. A Vuitton redesign is either a good thing or a bad one. The TP15 has been on my wishlist. Wonder if I should pull the trigger or wait for the new one?
  14. It's on my wish list too so I'm going to get one!

  15. This thread caused me to order one today. There are very few in the US right now. Not sure if there's a risk of them discontinuing that size, but my gut told me to pull the trigger.